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  • sullyinmass.2012 sullyinmass.2012 Jan 2, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    The Ebay Stocking Stuffer

    One thing we know for certain John, you got no ebay at any price. None. Zero.

    Why continue playing 'hide the loofah' publicly with your other spamming hate IDs?



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    • My failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy and his loofah hiding IDs have to keep up the illusion that someone (besides them) has 100s of IDs because it's all they have in the failure they try to call their life. All they have. No kids. No grand kids. The state made sure of that. They sure did.

      My poor broke failed Daddy failed grand Daddy couldn't get a dime bag if you fronted him $9.50.

    • No don't be talking 'bout our loofahs Willis! It's all we have to stuff our own stockings.

      As a certified beancounter, I applaud someone who got us all to believe he had 1000s of IDs (when only we did) and used reverse psychology and our ongoing public mental illnesses to ride this puppy profitably from the teens as a long, while shorting easily predictable dips as a short.

      Genius! Well played. Well played.

      I am not happy they used HIS idea to change this board! But that is the power of leadership.

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