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  • gunn7r gunn7r Mar 27, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    Ebay is its own worst enemy

    Everyone who has ever sold anything there knows this. The minute Meg Whitman took over, ebay started its demise. Whomever took her place is even worse( i dont kniow becasue I quit eons aga). IT was a place to make some money, make some friends, and generally spent some good times. Now it is horrible place with rules for everything. It is nearly impossible to contact a buyer for ebays fear you might become friends. Most buyers try to cheat you using ebays rules that favor buyers who know how to work the system, and believe me they do. Without paypal ebay would not exist anymore, and forcing you to use paypal will eventually get them a lawsuit. In the end Ebay will self destruct, its just a matter of time. Own the stock or not the truth matters. Meg whitm,an ran for Calif gov on her ebay merits, but she was to dumb to know that she lost the election because of her ebay merits. She is now trying to destroy hewlett packard, and it wont be long there either. Possibly the worst CEO that has ever run a company.

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    • Smeg? Whitman? you mean that old troglodyte with bad hair and the rapist son Griffith Harsh? Google his name.i love my HP laptop but I would never, ever buy another HP device because they put that trash as CEO.

      You are aware, both Smeg and Ding #$%$ Donahoe both came from the same Bain incubator? Funny, Paypal's in-store payment initiative is with Home Depot and Toys-r-us, both Bain companies. wowie Zowie ! You mean donahoe, and ex-Bainer made deals with companies entrusted to Bain Capital?

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