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  • fact_hors_dourves fact_hors_dourves Mar 30, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

    Nothing has changed here con't

    "..... blues to a world which will continue to reject him because of his irrational behavior and vile rantings. If Charles had even a spark of positive self-esteem in him he would realize that all of this is a waste of his time and he would walk away from it and get a life. But he can’t because this IS his life - a life that is defined ONLY by the need to cry the blues about how much he and others have been wronged and to constantly warn others about the evil perpetrators. Charles is a rebel with the futile cause of the exaggerated victim who takes no responsibility for his own negative behavior - behavior which in his mind is always justifiable in the service of his mission. This futile and worthless mission defines both his personal and political life. And it is all for naught. It is very sad indeed. But do not be angry with Charles. Pity him and then ignore him, for he is a very sick man,. Actually, ignoring him is what John should do but he can’t because he enjoys his ongoing ownership of Charles too much to stop taunting him. John and Charles are fatally attracted to each other. They have been involved in a very, very sick dance with each other for many years. But John is always the winner of the sick games. because to him it is simply sport like shooting ducks in a pond while he conveniently languishes on the Ebay board in between checking the status of his auctions, whereas to Charles it is all very serious and vital to his warped self-esteem that he constantly blow the trumpet of victimization at the hands of the evil Ebay message board perps. And for the rest of us? We are entertained at times, but mostly we are bored and wish it would all just go away. TUT

    * now Charles refers to the gang as FLYKTNING’S gang”"

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    • We already heard you Johnie Osborne z50com. That's a lot of words to just repeat your 12 year mantra of "that cwazy wabbit!" Go out and kiss a rattlesnake, it's long and hard and as close to warmth that you'll ever get again. Oh, and by the way, remind Flyktning that HE left with HER and lives happily ever after! I can hear that radiator of hate boiling over now. Beep beep! Move it scrap heaps. Rusting old wrecks.....

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