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  • angel.madbezos angel.madbezos Apr 6, 2013 4:55 PM Flag

    A Tiny Sane Clue For "TEAM"

    First, thanks for another public post publicly admitting you cyber stalk. That, long ago, was all the probably cause needed to gather everything on you (legally) and have you under observation.

    Second, there were no 4 hateful posts today, until yours. Oh, and your next one, and your post after that. You are the "Team" (John Osborne basically) who first started the name posting here, and you beg daily for that to continue.

    Third, all of your info is basically wrong, but that hasn't stopped your team from publicly bashing and gloating over the death of who you thought I was. That is really low class but some of the least of your public crimes.

    Fourth, the "We" you speak of are not many at all and have been well bagged and tagged for the purposes of our experiment.

    And fifth, a gang of cyber stalking publicly exposed and rant spamming mental patients on chat board will never endanger men. Only themselves. Your "life" is sad and could use the laughs, but the joke has always been on you, and at your expense. I hope that helps. You're not going to like what else might.

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    • you need help watch seller and this isn't the place to find it. . .

      • 1 Reply to ebay_pays_my_bills
      • Poor pansy, I am not he. No amount of your crying over a man who left in 2005 (or to me, who you pretend left lately) can undo the 12 years of your daily misery you inflicted on people here, nor ever get your neglected daughter and forsaken grand child back. You traded your family for a meltdown.

        You'd rather rail at phantoms than face your sickness. That man, nor I, need no help and are doing great, while you sit here broke, 12 years older, racing to 60 as a pothead, getting publicly douched every day, getting z50com outed, publicly revealing your deep sickness while getting laughed at, on the board of a stock you never can afford, yet still pump like some silly fairy. Those punks you think help you: where are they when you have no food and no one to eat it with?

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