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  • angel.madbezos angel.madbezos Jun 18, 2013 6:59 AM Flag

    Good Morning From Wonderful Philadelphia

    My what a beautiful morning and what a lovely board to visit before I relax in my garden. It proves my point it was a handful of weeds trying to choke the intelligent flowers. Things may be able to grow now. There is N othing S ome A lerting can't contain. I hope that helps.

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    • Hello Professor, it's obvious you completely own the puking trolls here. They dance and dance around your manly example, and yet they still can't get one jabbering point across. Even the "imposter you" showed up. That is clear and present ownership. Thanks for taking my dogs for a work and making them p and poo so very very publicly. There is not a gram of credibility left in the lot of them. PS: I'm going to send you and three others email notices about the next awesome short. The trolls however, will remain broke and useless. As always shall it be.

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      • Ah shucks, as Barbara Bush once said "I don't trouble my beautiful mind...". She was talking about US troop deaths over her son's lies, but everyone here knows the 'Beze has launched 100 trolls, in their 1000s of IDs posting over a million posts, and they haven't accomplished one tiny thing (but wrecking their own families) so I guess I take my ownership of them for granted. I hope that helps.

    • You're the only so called weed here and any so called flowers are in my garden!

      PS: The only thing growing is Ebay's stock price ~ Does that help?

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