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  • johns_joint johns_joint Jul 12, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    A Call for Peace


    This has gone on long enough

    Let's just put this to rest once and for all and we can all move forward with our lives

    It's over, really it is.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Great idea. Let's just move forward one way or another. Peace on this board probably doesn't happen when people don't even accept responsibility for ALL of the characters they create here. We'll just have to trust that most passers-through won't be fooled by anything.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Poor broke miserable John Osborne, you, Sully and Fly have never been able to ever keep one peace try you losers have ever attempted more than 2 minutes. You all live for nothing but hate. Trust me, there'll be peace 2 seconds after you choke on dirt and all go to hades.

      The only thing you clowns are upset about is other people have acted just like you losers and beaten you at your own games. How is that trashed daughter of yours? How is your grand kid that they took away to keep you from molesting? How is Sybil Sully's dead boyfriend? How is Fly's rug munching ex wife? How is all your taunting of people you pretend are dead going?

      Everyone, EVERYONE, sees you're just swishing loser trolls in an endless circle of hateand everyone knows it all ends right when your breath stops, because everyone knows your team has no heart or brains. Count yourself lucky you haven't puked up bullets over all your actions and leave. You lives were moot. In all ways.

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