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  • sal_mongoloid sal_mongoloid Sep 3, 2013 12:25 PM Flag


    "Imposter, you must go back to remedial English. You will be led to the short bus."

    I'm Sally's brother Sal and yes she rode the short bus to school with me and all the other societal missfits. Please don't slap my sister Sally around too much (like they did on the Patriots and Red Sox sports message boards) as it will make her cry. I hope this helps.


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    • Hi Sal (midnite),

      I see you have a few ids going today. Self to self to self?!! It is misfits not missfits. Irony.

      In the post of yours which I am replying to, you are "answering "DRIBBLES" response to a madbezos post.

      And I fully understand why you (out of the blue) brought Sully into it. You are so jealous of Sully and the way he has "checkmated" you over the years! Natch.

      Actually, this is my way of trying to get you to come back the board under your ID. John and I miss you. Fly, too.

      PS – when did you pick up so many IDs? Was it after you found out that bozo had hundreds!? OMG OMG OMG LOL LOL LOL!!!!!

      -Sully Rules

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      • Well here is the title bestowed upon you on the sports message boards and I see it fits well here too. What a clown and major troll you truly are. None of these id's are your boyfriend "midnite" you faqqing idiot and the only "Bozo" I know is you. You were the same idiotic troll over there you are here and the slapping of your bulbous head continues here. Now Detective Dipchit keep flailing away with your wrong guesses of others who have kicked you around, because frankly it pretty faqqing funny.

        OMG OMG OMG (Are you 13?) LOL LOL LOL


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