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  • id_dejour id_dejour Oct 31, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Congratulations To Ebay Shorts For SMASHING $60 And Making Ebay Fight For Even The 50s

    Sports are sports. Yawn. But investing, especially unmasking a fraud based company that reams its sellers and investors, and making a profit doing so, is life itself! A very worthy cause profiting very worthy people. So why be a bag holder? Why let ebay rob you investors? Why keep holding on for a little tiny but of promised growth that hardly materializes? Why listen to the small army of PR flack idiots who promise the moon and then claim they have a cold? Why listen to a small army of useless daily idiots here who never ever invest in anything but daily hate and abuse, while they claim they live on food stamps? Seriously. If that is all that is propping ebay up you should be running for the exists! Invest in real stocks people. Make actual money.

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    • You think you get free speech mister to tell us all about ebay and slap my free speech poster child Johnie Osborne red and raw? We'll snitch you out the way we eliminated all intelligent discourse here. This board is only for my Johnie!

    • On your advice earlier this summer, I've been hitting that short. It's not an avalanche of money but taking home a few extra grand per month makes up for my perpetually failing eBay sales.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Thanks Master. I just had to slap that useless Tool Fool #$%$ g e t today. It's silly the way he hogs this board railing at some poster from 2005 who proved ebay couldn't pay John Osborne's bills. It is clear that owns his tiny mind and he's losing everything over it. Anyways, glads you made some money too. I don't chat with people here because Johnie and Fly start harassing and threatening them. I think it's funny that I'm not connected to his enemies but I can make John pop his come filled mouth and look like a fool. I like kicking other peoples slaves, but I like making investment money better. It's often funny to make in a week, probably more than John's made in his "life". Anyways, good luck out there.

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