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  • madbezos.angels madbezos.angels Nov 4, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

    Good Morning From Beautiful Philadelphia. Big Month Of Change Ahead. Is Your OODA Loop Accurate?

    It's wonderful to wake on Monday with the weekend still ongoing! More time with my wonderful family. Family is the best thing in life. Ones very character is defined by how they are treated and ones self is fulfilled with their love in return. A big month of change is upon us. Food stamps are being cut at a time they want to run military exercises taking down the nation's power grid and banking system. Meanwhile the US is vacating Afghanistan faster than the Soviets for the same basic reasons, while helping Al Q, both there and in Syria. Will the US collapse like the Soviets due to faulty OODA loops? Observation, Orientation – Decision – Action. We'll also see big changes on the board as those here whose faulty OODA loops of hanging on my every word day after day for 14 years in 10,000 IDs will find life suddenly more difficult. If not untenable. I hope that helps.

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