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  • flyktning_onde flyktning_onde Jan 16, 2014 6:36 PM Flag

    Bought A Pair Of Vice Grips From Ebay's z50com John Osborne...

    ...and it still had his, and a dozen imposters, and all their 10, 000 fake IDs tiny little bean testicles squeezed down into it. Clamped hard! They claim some long ago squashed them, but he's been gone a long while yet those beansticles were still daily squashed as squashed could be! Needless to say, John and I have been pals ever since.

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    • Please stay off my free speech poster child's right to spout and spew any and every ignorant thought that falls out of his bong hole as his elocution of his petty ebay problems only needs his electrocution to solve. Yet you're only adding sparks.

      Now, I have many Marin Beans to count, it's quite taxing, so I hope you all play nice. Ever. Try to keep the blood pressures down, remember how old my free speech poster child.

      • 1 Reply to flyktning_dopeslap
      • Yes, John and my imposter are very very old. No boyish rock star style for them. Never was. Remember how cool it seemed to drop out of school too young? Not so funny climbing to 60 while they cut food stamps. Why would someone want to call attention to their own complete and utter failure? Look at ebay's failure today! Redder than John's neck. Redder than fake sullied's well spanked tiny fake monkey. Shocking! LOL!



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