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  • sullyinmass.2014 sullyinmass.2014 Mar 26, 2014 11:57 AM Flag

    I Am Quite Happy "Flyktning's Team Of Sullied" Could Not Be More Discredited. Bye $56. No $60

    It is fittingly funny that Flyktning's Bean Team Of Psychos are completely discredited, not that anyone with half a brain ever considered anything they said. All their lies about $60? Investors don't listen to non-investors. All their diseased ramblings chasing long gone posters? Or trying to post ancient made up addresses? Note their addresses aren't posted (yet). After a decade of their spew we all see they are broke and too miserable to exist and wasted their lives spewing and snitching their daughter, while they pretend others are mental? Anyone with half a brain can see their year after year public puke has destroyed themselves and may destroy Yahoo and Ebay, so I could not be happier! Anytime they tire and hush, they'll have less to Yelp about, but it's too simple a solution for psychos to see. So flow your major melt slaves. Again. Again and again. I like to see your scabs bleeding. The world is happier you are caged in permanent misery. LOL!


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    • Yes, I too couldn't be happier over ebay's present state and am happy the board liars got set in their places. Ian traces them to other boards with their nonsense though, so they clearly desire their situations to worsen. I'm certain they will be facilitated. Oh well, buying houses today. I think generally, investors are being fleeing Wall St because they know they don't stand a chance against instant trading programs.

    • I think everyone is enjoying my publicly witnessed demise and mental breakdown, and the funniest part is I am dragging everyone in 'team' to hades with me. I was simply too stupid to live in society. Who knew that a daughter snitching snitch would have such a painful endgame, but factually, it's only jUST beginning. Follow me 'team' like you always have. Who knew karma would whip us so cruelly? Luckily we are publicly crying for worse.

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      • I see poor broke fake Clarity missed the irony of your post and poor broke fake Sullied had to post about 7:30 his time telling us his life's toilet is backed up from people poo-ing down his throat daily. Some people are successful and it eats at fake doc and sullied. PS: team IS going to hades fast. We can hear them yelp. It's all they have. All they have. All they have.

      • dr_clarify Mar 26, 2014 2:39 PM Flag

        "I think everyone is enjoying my publicly witnessed demise and mental breakdown, and the funniest part is I am dragging everyone in 'team' to hades with me."

        Hey NARU!

        I love you finally being honest. You may have finally realized that in order to deal with one's serious problem, one must admit and voice said problem. Good job.

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