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  • eye4neye374 eye4neye374 Apr 30, 2014 9:58 AM Flag

    Ebay "buyer protection guarantee" is joke

    Been scammed by an overseas, fraudulent seller and can't get my funds back, since I did not want to shell out an arm & leg to ship the item using priorty mail. 1st class mail only provides tracking within the states.
    The seller was shown to do this to 7 others buyers and is now unregistered.
    If Ebay keeps this up, they'll run out of buyers. Never had one bad experience with Amazon.

    No surprise this stock is dropping.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • the_original_sullyinmass the_original_sullyinmass Apr 30, 2014 11:36 AM Flag

      "If Ebay keeps this up, they'll run out of buyers. Never had one bad experience with Amazon."

      Ebay will never run out of buyers. Shame on you for not knowing that tracking wasn't available on first class mailing. That's what you get for being cheap.

      I suggest that you stick to Amazon if that is the case. You have no clue on how Ebay works.

      Hope this helps.


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      • Being cheap?? Would you've spent $100.00 to ship something back overseas?? The seller had a good track record at the time of my purchase and thought I could trust him. It was after I made the purchase, that he "racked-up" 7 consecutive negative feedbacks (most with similar complaints) and became unregistered.
        Sorry........ but e-bay is a joke.
        And I've been an ebayer for 5yrs; both as a seller and a buyer with perfect feedback hx, and never experienced anything like this.
        Too many scammers out there have ruined it for all the honest consumers.

        Sentiment: Sell

    • You didn't know the costs of shipping before you bought the item? Why would you purchase an item before you knew the final cost? Where are you located? Why won't First Class mail work for you? Normally, First Class Mail does provide tracking. Sounds like you changed your mind after hitting the Buy it Now button? File a dispute and cancel the transaction.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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