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  • madbezos.angels madbezos.angels May 17, 2014 11:33 AM Flag

    Good Morning From Lovely Spring Time Philadelphia. Free Speech Is Alive And Well.

    It's wonderful to be alive in the spring! I love seeing everything grow in my garden, as my wonderful family, and yearly roster of students, grows and grows. It's a true sense of accomplishment knowing my alumni always do great things in life. I see the board here is trying to improve. It's good to see proof that my infrequent postings are not the blame for the idiocy here. Those who have had their every thought consumed with me and my cool students cannot be helped. I mean, even my imposter can't figure out I wouldn't post at 10pm eastern. It's sad those who can't read or write worry about grammar. And those who immaturely wield their free speech all howl like Flything's when free speech is simply returned. It's funny how the option of silence never occurs to perps. It is too funny to see the only memes that last up here are mine or my student's. It is fun to have such power. Obsession can never be cured by deeper obsession, especially when their knowledge is off target and inaccurate. You know, I still don't see $60, so why are those who lied about that post at all? I am older and remember well how society fell when we stopped riding fools out of town on a rail. Bring back trains! I hope that helps.

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    • Hello professor Mad. I almost never check in here anymore. The intelligent discourse got wrecked by 'all one oil leaking Taurus'. I notice Flybaby is doing his typical make the recs match gativity scene regarding his pet Sully. Too funny. Never makes money! I got to tour Tesla and they said I could keep the lower mileage loaner they gave me when they fixed their battery. Beep beep! Customer retention, unlike ebay! BEEP BEEP!

    • "...who immaturely wield their free speech all howl like Flything's [SIC] when…"
      "... last up here are mine or my student's [SIC]. It is fun…"


      "It's sad those who can't read or write worry about grammar."
      You said IT, "Professor". lol lol

      Along with the 2 errors cited above, you have 2 more.

      Why besmirch the real professor, who, I would imagine will be posting soon?


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      • The oddity is why you ant to be carted away fighting a snitch, a daughter snitch, and long term board troll (John Osborne, ebay's failing z50com and VW) long failed board war. Don't worry, you're in the perp round up. Hope you feel it was all worth it when it costs you everything. Everything. Then you burn forever below. I'm so pleased.

    • Good morning real professor! No one can imitate you though they try and try. Amazing the power you have. So why is 'team' obsessed on nurses again? It's not like they'll ever have one. I remember a nurse from long ago up here, but no one else does. Tommy left no legacy. None. At all. No one cares about his painful exit. At all.

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