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  • lucky_lenny_1964 lucky_lenny_1964 Jun 12, 2014 10:53 AM Flag

    Ebay will come back

    C'mon... where else can u sell used army clothing or an old laptop? As a consumer, I lover Ebay, as do millions of others. Although Ebay isn't perfect, they rule their space and have millions of satisfied customers. And I love paypal. Paypal is linked to my checking a/c. The fees are minor and the convenience is great. I'm not goin to switch. So for everyone calling for Ebay's demise, I think your predictions are a little premature.

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    • "Ebay will come back"
      When disco comes back.

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    • Ebay is done: the cracks are their ridiculous allegiance to customer service and rulings against sellers. Customer service needs to be paramount for the seller, but not a conduit like ebay who sells nothing. Hence, sellers will leave, and what do you have? Buyers these days know how to game the conduit to get anything they want. Sellers are stuck with frauds left and ride, and lost revenue. It's simply not worth it. People will catch on. I'd rather sell (or give away) locally. Screw off.

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    • This is as good as it gets for Ebay. As long as John Donahoe and his Bain cronies are at the helm, this will never go above 60. 100+ is nothing but a dream. And the unfortunate (sad) part, is this stock had the capability of being great.

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      • Ask any merchant or even casual seller what they think of eBay ? This company is a disgrace. This morning, I had an issue with a problem buyer circumventing my blocked buyer list. I called eBay, got cartoon girl in the Philippines, could barely understand her, suffered through 20 minutes of trying to explain my issue, then she forwarded me to a superior. Twenty more minutes on hold, only to get another Asian who can't understand simple English. I had to laugh when she asked "do th buyers have the same email" ? Hello, eBay rep, doesn't know you can't have two eBay accounts with the same email. I just hung up after an hour completely wasted. This is eBay....

    • Semen, eBay has New seller restrictions coming in August, Fees are Outrageous, Network security sucks & Father Google has already put the hard word out on eBay. eBays Greed has done this to them, that friendly eBay relationship Sellers used to have are now no longer friendly. eBay has become more of a high priced headache full of unrealistic standards..

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