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  • logicfence logicfence Jun 24, 2014 10:09 AM Flag

    Ebay Floundering Since Christmas! Still No $60! (Or Even $50!) In Sight! Ebay Is Not Worth It!

    I see the most popular post here in years was too much truth for some, but hiding, or deleting that post does not hide the facts that ebay has floundered since before last Christmas and their army of paid pumping liars cannot help it have any tangible value. Ebay is an institution's trap. Real investors don't waste money on an endless pump and dump stock. They don't waste time investing in a place that can't even keep idiots from wrecking their own board. Ebay itself is FULLY represented by these broke idiots living here. Live and learn. Investors are finding the exits on this useless no dividend no future "stock". Now get busy board troll and hide that post until I post it again? Yep, your "life" is just that futile. Enjoy. Alumni sure are enjoying the success of being correct!

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    • Wow Logic! You sure have been CORRECT. Ebay is a 'go-nowhere' stock. Just endless pumps and dumps to shuck and jive the few remaining long investors and make properly timing shorts like us rich!

    • Yes Logicfence, you keeper and gnostic of the original Doctor Clarify Playbook, are right as always, right as rain, and predictably right as to the timing, of ebay's ongoing utter failure to enrich its bagholders. How many times do we have to see ebay pump on nothing, and dump on little more, endlessly, before the SEC looks into their crimes? Here ebay is, again crawling in near $50, and going below, while liars, who need to face a firing squad, keep chattering LIES that its heading to $60. The facts here, speak far louder than the 1000s of posts in their 100s of useless IDs.

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      • Hi Again Logic! Oct 15 shows clearly your post from before last Christmas was SPOT ON! That has put an incredible fortune in Alumni's pockets, while 'team' continues to lie, project, and gesticulate their extreme illness in their little puddles daily. God, or ebay, and Yahoo, should put their misery out of our site because no adult needs to see the Pampers/Depends RIPPLES punks. Can you even imagine their disgusting lives? Snitching their own daughter? Being so exposed in public in every way possible? And that is just in this plane. Their deep misery will be eternal. E-t-e-r-n-a-l. Fact! What kind of board troll losers would wreck and endanger their own families?

      • id_desour, are you trying to tell everyone here you're smarter then the 39 analyst that follow ebay?

        You know, those professionals that get paid 1/2 million a year and do this for a living on Wall Street

        You're smarter then those guys? ? ?

        OK ~ LOL

      • Hear the mighty roar of truth, not chubby little nutbag mooching pumper lies.

    • YAWN! Like I am supposed to cut my rich man weekend shorter just to laugh at 'team' being wrong again? LOL! This time Alumni's gains were extra as we saw Friday's head fake pump coming and got covered, knowing the real authentic Doctor Clarify's Playbook called for even more falling. Ka ching! Twice! And Ka ching twice and big time! What a lovely life sailing on the sea of riches when the breeze of our riches fills the sails and the tiller hand is strong and confident!

    • Big Yaaawn Sept 11th (again) as any rich people can easily start their wonderful extended weekends resting easy in the eternal fall from yet another dump, in ebay management's endless pump and dumps. They can't earn a living on the few actual sellers and their ever slumping online sales so ebay takes a page from the old Bain book and reams their investors back and forth to make a few shillings on the movement. What? You aren't told when the pump and dumps occur? Oh, you must be a sheep investor in the casino markets. That happens to some. Luckily, Alumni has the original authentic Doctor Clarify playbook and has been timing the system very well to its own edification and wealth. Some just have it like that in life.

    • Yawn! No reason not to start another great extended weekend early as ebay is just REAMING its own long investors again (yes again!) and buying the very intelligent shorts more houses and cars with its oh so predictable and endless pumping and dumping! Thanks for being a sweet fraud "stock" ebay! We shorts thank you!

    • Yawn! Ebay shows no 'growth' except in its ability to crash and ream the last of its true believers. Our pal Logic was so correct in his last Christmas call as ebay floundered like a board troll, abd even as it broke past $50, it did so in a weak way, signaling clearly it had no intention to keep it. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Reaming long investors is known as "the ebay style". Just a fact.

    • Yawn! Sept 3, Ebay continues reaming its long investors so Donahue and rich Arabs can get richer. Longs weren't doing anything with their misguided faith in a scam stock that pays no dividend and exists only as a pump and dump machine for insiders anyways.... Carry on.

    • Yawn! Sept 2. Does anyone even need a lesson anymore about intelligent Alumni stabbing stupid 'Team' and pulling very predictable short profits out of their idiot melt. No wonder they will never ever see $60. They can't even keep quiet and keep $55. The dirtiest secret: they make zero on any investment as they have zero investments, except in hate, and that they are always long on, yet coming up short. Poor 'team'. Lost, ruined, with no hope of ever being anything but a foul memory here. Imagine, they melt a chat board while mooching off their Mommy In Law. Utter failures. How true.

    • Yaaaawn! Aug 27th and ebay is deader than sullied's social life. No matter how hard it manipulates a pump it's always followed by a very predictable dump. Long bagholders will never figure out they are simply Aphids to be milked by the slimy ebay insider ants, who, facing ever less listings and sales, have taken to milking the long investors a little rise on a pump, then turning around trying to profit on the dump. Let's just solve the mystery right now: ebay is not going to $60. It should really not even be $50. Or $40 for that matter. A stalled stock with no dividends and seldom any held gain? Puleeeeze people. Learn to invest.

    • Yaaaawn! Aug 12. Ebay continues it's plummet from its hard pumped $54. When will long investors here ever learn that ebay is a con game and they are the rubes?

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