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  • pctn25az pctn25az Aug 20, 2014 1:06 PM Flag

    ObamaCare Is HAMMERING Middle Class American Families

    Forget, for a moment, that if Obama succeeds in bypassing Congress once

    again (eg: "I've Got a Pen and a Phone"), he intends to Grant Amnesty to 5

    million, Illegal Aliens who came to our country in Direct Violation of our

    Immigration Laws. Granting amnesty would enable them to get Obamacare

    policies, and clearly, they would get them almost entirely for free... paid

    for by the U.S. Taxpayer, or Obama's big Federal Deficits.

    Even before the Current Stampede of Aliens over the Mexican Border began,

    Obamacare Rocketed my Health Insurance Premium from $196 in 2009

    (Obamacare's first provisions began to take effect in 2010) to $509 today,

    and that's for a High Deductible, "bronze" package. The Free or heavily

    subsidized packages that Obama's Supporters receive must, under the law,

    provide superior "gold" coverage that would cost the rest of us even MORE.

    Now, I'm Middle Class, and working 2 jobs just to get by. My Obamacare

    premium consumes 12% of my gross income, and the "deductible" on it consumes

    another 13%, if I use it.

    That's 25% of my $50k in monthly pay before I get a DIME from Obamacare,


    That's HORRIBLE, especially since all of Obama's supporters, sitting around

    on their butts, are getting theirs for FREE, just by being un-productive

    members of our increasingly Socialized Society.

    Our Grandparents would Vomit, if they could see what these ultra-leftists

    like Obama and Hillary are doing to our once strong, and proud country.

    Before Obama's poll numbers began to plummet, we sometimes forget that

    Hillary was ardently supporting virtually Every Expanded Social Program, and

    every Tax Increase, that Obama was Enacting.

    Worst president in U.S. history. Hands Down... the WORST.

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