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  • TOUCH_GOLD_1998_HOY TOUCH_GOLD_1998_HOY Sep 29, 1998 10:23 PM Flag


    Is ridiculous. Unlike AOL, YHOO and AMZN.... I
    simply don't see huge growth in on-line auctions,
    especially considering the fact that giants like YAHOO are
    now offering free auctions as competition. Sure,
    their auction sites may not be as sophisticated as
    Ebays yet, but given YHOO's huge financial backing I
    find it hard to believe they will not soon chomp away
    at auctioneers like Ebay.

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    • Yeah, EBAY is doing great now, but competition is
      here now in
      a big time. If EBAY has to battle with
      a small firm like uBid,
      fine, EBAY has no
      problem dealing with it. But remember, Yahoo
      has the
      brand name and it's free. Its new auction site
      needs some tweaking and improving, but as they improve
      gradually, you know it's gonna be a tough battle for
      EBAY is making money now, but it's not they are making
      of dollars. The money they make is very minimal. As
      competition becomes more intense, EBAY's revenue can
      from plus to minus quickly. If EBAY wants to be the
      YHOO or AMZN, EBAY has to change its business
      model to more
      varieties instead of just doing the p
      to p business only. Let's
      look at YHOO as an
      example, YHOO is not just a search engine,
      it branches
      out many different things to increase the
      Right now, I just don't see EBAY to become who's
      Anyhow, EBAY is a good stock for short term, not a long
      choice yet. Plus I still think the current price is
      pretty high.
      If it drops back down to 30 range later
      on, it is about right.

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      • Besides your grammer leaving a lot to be desired, your logic is even worse. Yahoo isn't free anymore, and when they started charging their market share went from 4% down to 2% - because they suck. Amazon is in no position to compete with anyone - they'll be lucky if they make a profit in the next 5 years - it may be never. There is no competition and there probably never will be any.

      • Yahoo is not free any longer. They charge, and as soon as they started to charge, their auction were almost cut in half. Ebay has branched out. They are constantly adding new features to their site, plus they just bought not too long ago, and it is doing well also.

      • Maybe someone can answer a few questions since I
        don't have a copy of the perspectus. Since the two main
        guys who started E-Bay own more than half the company
        and they sold about 30 something million shares at
        $18, what are they planning to do with those funds?
        I'm sure advertising and infastructure improvements
        are on the table, but who else is going to serve on
        the board. Since Goldman underwrote the auction, are
        they on the board? Since EBay has entered the largest
        Auction in the World (NASDAQ), I see that they only show
        a small amount of earnings. And I also realize that
        the fundamentals look ridiculous now..but who's left
        in the internet market that can come out of the box
        like these guys? I surf the net and saw Geocities go
        public (who can understand that one), but I feel this
        stock can't lose in the next four years. Anyone who
        uses EBay realizes just how addictive and efficient it
        really is and it can't help making money. Especially if
        there are 700,000 auctions going on any given day!

        Go long on this opinion. What does the rest
        of the world out there think (or know).

    • I think Ebay is Great..............Hope it soars up to the top.I love to buy and sell on ebay, and so do alot of others.So I say Ebay strong forever....................................

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      • I have been using ebay regularly the past six
        months. It has continued to improve and is quite
        efficient. The number of items for auction today was over
        700,000 a few months ago it was in the 500,000 range.
        This is a major increase in activity and there have
        been no problems from my perspective. I didn't manage
        to get in on the IPO but am watching and hoping for
        a pull back (maybe another late october market
        correction) before going long.


    • chomp!

    • I think this is a very good investment. I would
      recommend it. It rises almost 300 points a day. It was at
      $17.00 a day. Now it's over $200. Wait until it goes
      down and crashes and invest invest invest!!!

    • You're an idiot - Yahoo had free auctions and they couldn't make it, then they started charging, and their market share went down to 2% vs eBay's 65%, and Yahoo claims 90 million users. Amazon, with huge debt and having never turned a profit, and with fewer users than eBay and a shrinking market share in every metric, is going to knock off eBay? Get a life.

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      • This guy just posts and abuses people. He owns no stock and has stated such on other sites. Everything is going down and he is the god sent to judge you and keep you on his bent track. He is nctarheel89 & scprivate, depending on whether it is goto / kkd / etc. He must be in some place where they do not allow him to do anything but shoot off his mouth - which is all he is good for!

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