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  • I bought this stock because the Internet is here
    to stay. Just look at the computer sales numbers
    which altho they have flattened somewhat with the
    economic situation, they still continue to rise. More
    computers, more people on line. Also, think of the big boost
    in advertsing that EBAY got with it's IPO. A lot of
    folks haven't heard of EBAY yet and as the word gets
    out, more are going to stop by for a look. Sure, Yahoo
    has the free site but it isn't hardly as user
    friendly or downright fun as EBAY and when it comes to
    Internet use, it's the guy that got his foot in the door
    first and made it the easiest to use that will pull the
    greater market share. Just look at AOL and Prodigy. AOL
    was easier and altho Prodigy did make some great
    improvements, people are creatures of habit and will generally
    stick with what they know and that is also what they
    will recommend to others. Yahoo may improve but EBAY
    has the jump. Is the stock overpriced? Sure.... but
    not after a few splits. Regardless of price per share
    vs number of shares, 3.5 million shares is just not
    that many and splits are bound to happen. All, of
    course, IMHO. Happy Stockin' and good luck to all!

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