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  • jstockerpw jstockerpw Sep 30, 1998 1:54 PM Flag



    Donins... all those requirements
    that people was adhere to are stated in a contract or
    buyer's agreement form(s). The underwriters of EBAy-I
    think it is Goldman Sachs- probably bought a few shares
    before offering them to their account holders. After
    that, they sell to the public. Of this offering of
    EBAy, I surmise that there weren't much left to offer
    to the public! Thus, the IPO is the official date
    where all the public can participate.

    A month?
    Yes... To keep the stock from falling below IPO
    levels... or just to keep it at the 40-53 levels. Thus, not
    much selling is taking place while lots of buying is
    taking place.

    Can people short sell now? I am not
    sure. You should be able to do it. Talk to your broker
    about it. If you are using a discount broker, phone
    them up. They must have a REAL broker that are willing
    to take your calls. Just tell them that you are
    interested in short selling EBAY shares first. Then...
    they'll talk to you :).

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