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  • marlinon marlinon Oct 13, 1998 4:21 PM Flag

    Wecome Abaord E-BAY Airlines

    Welcome aboard E-Bay Airlines:

    This is
    your Captain speaking. "We have lost all momentum, and
    are about to plummet to Earth. Please Fasten Your
    Seat Belts and Assume the Crash Position.

    you are a Current E-Bay stock holder, please note
    that the " Your Screwed " Light, has been illuminated.
    Upon impact,the Captain would like to ask that all
    Suckers, I'm sorry... passengers, kindly attach your
    Flotation Devices, and reamin calm, while you hold on for
    dear life.

    In the event you are able to
    survive this Crash, please advise others to think before
    they Buy..I mean Fly. From the friendly folks at E-Bay
    Airlines, Thanks for taking the ride!!!!

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    • It will be interesting to see what the probable
      onslaught of shorts do to this stock once the 30 days since
      IPO has passed and it is more widely available to be
      shorted. I currently have no position in this company, but
      would like to get back in at a lower price. But I don't
      know how much lower would be fair value for this
      company. I hate to say under 10, but how much growth can
      it see in the future when it mainly appeals to
      hardcore collectors (like myself). It's a great company,
      but a very poor stock at anywhere near these prices.

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