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  • Rain___Maker Rain___Maker Oct 22, 1998 2:38 PM Flag

    KTEL #2 =============EBAY

    There is a reason why the IPO price less than 2
    months ago was 18.

    A stock usually should trade
    at a modest premium over it's IPO price in the
    beginning until they screw up.

    18 is what the heap
    of shit is worth, if not less.
    It's because of fool daytrading greedy people
    like the longs on this board that this pile of dung is
    trading at 50+.

    By Christmas these fool's stock
    will be back in the teens.

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    • if your so confident that this stock is going to
      tank, please please buy up those short positions. If
      you have any doubts about the company check it out
      yourself. its the future of internet commerce. the most
      perfect model of ecommerce I have witnessed.

    • > By Christmas these (sic) fool's stock will be back in the teens.

      Would you like to bet? <g>

      Didn't think so.


      • 2 Replies to GLSmyth
      • I sure love the peace and quiet on this board
        lately! There is one soothing sound, however, that you
        can hear if you listen carefully. Hear it? It's a
        great sucking sound coming from shorters down on their
        knees blowing their brokers for cover.

        y'all really think any of us REAL investors took your
        self-serving posts seriously? Perhaps you should move on to a
        Ponzi scheme - far more gullible investors in that

        K-Tel seems to be the only one left with
        cash to cover and, as such, is not yet broker bobbin.
        So, K-Tel...I have a deal for you. Wanna play shorty
        with my 2500 shares of EBay? (assuming you have
        suffcient hard assets to back this transaction)

        gettin a woody..........<hysterical laughing> HA!
        I kill me!

        Go EBAY.....Go EBAY.....Go EBAY

      • Number 1, Do you really think that they offered
        their stock at 36% of what it is really worth? Thats a
        64% discount.

        If stocks IPO up to 30, then why
        not have the offer at 28 instead of 18. That would
        still be at a 44% discount if this heap was worth 50.

        Obviously when the executives went to the Investment banker
        to raise capital through an IPO, they felt a fair
        price was 18. If they felt it was worth more, why not
        get the extra 10 or 15 per share. I guess they
        decided to have a sale on their company.
        "Come and
        get it - 64% off ebay" "Let the investment banker
        make all the money while we settle for 18 dollars a

        Wake up! This stock is worth no more than 22 per share
        and will soon trade at reasonable prices.

    • An IPO is never priced at 50 because no one would ever buy it. When was the last time you saw an IPO priced above 30? Never.

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