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  • imabritt imabritt Oct 23, 1998 10:16 PM Flag


    I do not own any of this stock I wish I did and I
    will tell you why.
    In January I started selling
    Items just a few at a time on Ebay I started with
    50.00. But now I sell about 6,000 dollars worth of items
    a month I have had hudreds of auctions I have sold
    1,000 of items.
    I pay to Ebay every month in
    commission about 700.00 and I am one of 10,000 who do that.I
    ship all over the planet I burn no one and I have yet
    to get burned I have a feed back rating of over 170
    and growing.

    At the rate my business expands
    I will have in excess of 100,000 a year in
    I have made many friends some of which I know make
    60,000 a year fromEbay in profit.

    I do this part
    time and I have only just begun.

    As this
    auction grows bigger and goes more global the more it
    will make it is the most efficient auction site I know
    and I have tried many.

    Try logging into
    Yahoo's auction site as a seller it's a major pain but
    not with Ebay.

    I would like to have this stock
    but its out of my price range for know

    is no competition I wish there was as I could list
    on those sites as well and make more money,there are
    things about Ebay I do not like but you have to learn to
    live with them as they rule the auction

    Aol and Mindspring gets what 220.00 a year off me
    each, and look at what they have to do to get

    Ebay will within a year from know get 8000.00 a year
    in commission from just me only and I am only small
    fry compared to some.

    All they have to do is
    maintain an auction site that's it,these guys are not just
    national either I see people listing

    Canada,England,Australia,France,Germany and even China,Hong Kong need I go

    What do I sell antiques,Ancient Coins,very old
    books,documents,Indentures if you want to look just type in under search in the seller category look
    what I have sold in the last 30 days,this company has
    major potential

    Bring on the competition I need
    it but where are they I don't see them,and those
    that exist they often fold in a short time I know
    because I used to list on them with little succes but
    know they no longer exist.

    Gotta go just sold
    10 more items on Ebay


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    • OH yeah yeah did I tell you in the last two
      months I had 20,000 hits one month and 15,000 the

      To the point my internet provider closed me down
      because I was using too much band width know I have 2
      accounts with them to give me the bandwidth I

      I also buy on ebay and have yet to get

      For those who say they will never buy and sell on
      ebay because of the risk WAKE UP AND SEE THE FUTURE

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