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  • smajmund smajmund Dec 18, 1998 3:22 PM Flag

    ebay is at deep discount - know why?

    Because my 6 month target is 800. Right after its
    split for 4 for 1, you will see run up again to 200
    during mid summer rally. The current buyer will see at
    least 300% near term return, 450% on annualized bases.

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    • This stock has traded in a predictable pattern
      over the last couple days. At the open it shoots up,
      trades in a narrow trading range and then dips back to
      where it started. The MM's jack the price the price up
      on the market orders in morning and with the lack of
      buyers today the price is going to sink. The price
      dropped almost 5 points in a few minutes and I was
      curious why. I then noticed that Warburg has initiated
      coverage on Ebay as a hold. I don't think people who have
      been buying since it dropped realize why. I think they
      believe they are getting a bargain. Lets see what kind of
      bargain it is at the close.

    • There are a few and there will be more to come
      that want to pass of as being like Ebay. Some will say
      no listing fees to attract,
      but what they are
      missing point wise is viewership and trust. Ebay does not
      buy or sell items, they just provide the vehicle to
      do so. The trust people have with Ebay is their
      by-laws are a compilation of input from both buyers and
      sellers as to what they want. Ebay only collects their
      fees, the buyer and seller keep Ebay around by being
      honest to the best of their abilities to fellow
      Ebayer's. So keep your eye on a proven vehicle if you want
      long term gains.

    • just wait for ebay with over 24 million available
      to be sold. Also, bcst was public for 6 months when
      they announced their split so I don't think this is an
      option for EBAY. The only hype option they have would be
      a little manipulation of their earnings or forward
      looking comments which certainly happens all the time.
      Then they will run for the door when lockup ends.

    • I Believe Made Much Money Today. Its up 186% Thanks for the Tip!

    • For such an under priced Stock that shows a
      positive cash flow and paid out dividends last quarter
      when do u think it will take off like a rocket? They
      are getting ready to post a Web site. for $3 a share,
      better hop on this stock soon before that web site comes
      out. Should be an easy target of $20 or more as soon
      as that Web site is online.

    • they can sucker people into buying right before
      the insider 40,000,000 shares get unlocked? Hmm, I
      would, if I were them. After all that strategy worked
      very well for BCST. The insiders there really shafted
      the small investor. 289 after split announcement,
      down to 141 when insiders started selling.

      they want to split, they better do it soon, they are
      running out of time. One week to go to the big drop.

    • The price will run up and it will be a great shorting opportunity. I think it would drop faster from 300 to 150 than 200 to 100.

    • !!

      GAPPER !

    • Broadcast.Com is down half from its Monday high
      of 289. Its currently trading at 141. Insiders were
      able to start selling yesterday and yeah they suckered
      novice investors in by a 2 for 1 stock split on Monday.
      Now that the price is declining the volume is drying
      up and people who bought near the high are taking
      huge losses. Yahoo is down over 100 points since it
      announced a stock split and they recorded great earnings.
      However those earning did not justify its high price. If
      you are making money daytrading this stock great. But
      don't buy Ebay if you are plnning to hold it long term.

    • down on Monday..I am almost positive.

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