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  • dotcomcancer dotcomcancer Jan 22, 1999 4:14 PM Flag

    Anybody notice the volume today,

    Highest I've seen. I think more shares are out there. "Seed" shares were to be released today. Hope the 36,000,000 don't have the same effect. Ouch.

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    • Be careful.

      A falling knife is NOT the same thing as a dead cat.

      Cat's have 9 lives.

      Or Friskies.

    • Rbahar_likes_cod_fishing Rbahar_likes_cod_fishing Jan 23, 1999 8:33 PM Flag

      I read a book by C. Kindleberger(sp) about buble
      in history titled "Manias, Panics, and Crashes". One
      of the sign of the burst is insider selling. All the
      phenomenon we are witnessing now fits exactly with the model
      he describe.

      This made me very excited to
      make some money this year. I believe that it may take
      longer than everybody expects. You must have enought to
      stay in the market and not getting squeezed


    • Just kidding. But it does.

    • for your data - and if so you can see that the 166 is a late bid in black. As far as I can tell the last time EBAY saw 166 was 9:30 am. The last trade shown was 2500 @ 196-3/4.

    • I can not find any insider info on planned sales.

      I also wonder if the insiders would do anything to
      harm the value of their stock holdings since they
      stand to loose more than anyone if it goes down much at
      all. If they were to dump a lot of stock at once
      wouldn't they run the risk of causing EBAY to go out of
      favor for ever (like enough people get burned really
      bad). I know if I had large positioned like they do,
      that I would wait until $300+ to sell, and then only a
      little at a time as I had a use for the cash.

      Thank you for your excellent posts This is truly what
      an investors message board for is intended for - a
      forum for us to share INFORMED viewpoints and
      information with other fellow stock holders so we may all
      prosper. Too bad the bathroom graffiti artists have
      Internet access.

    • Routers confirms your information and Merrill
      Lynch broker confirmed. NO shares flood till friday the
      29th. Other Shorts hoping for a monday fallout will
      have to suffer through 4 day's of uncertainty for a
      while. Thanks for a logical writeup.

    • Rbahar_likes_cod_fishing Rbahar_likes_cod_fishing Jan 23, 1999 11:46 AM Flag

      Thank you. I wish all of them use the message
      board like you.

      My personal opinion is that the
      stock is going down but it wont be as quick as the
      shorts like to see it.

      I short the stock and am
      ready to short it for a long time and mentally prepared
      if it goes to 300. I hope not.

      This is one
      of the few opportunities in a while.



    • While the lock-up for only 8 million shares ends
      Monday there is another SEC rule that prohibits insider
      sales 30 days before and 48 hours after earnings
      announcement. So if earnings are announced on Tuesday then
      FRIDAY is the first possible day that shares can be
      dumped by the insiders. Since no shares will be dumped
      on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday everyone
      will think that the insiders are not dumping and the
      shorts will get squeezed out the longs sucked in and
      then the big money people will kill 'em both. Watch
      and see. By February 5, Friday, you all will be
      bloodied and the insiders will be laughing, again.

    • thanx for your opinion... I, like the rest of the knuckleheads on these boards will be watching Ebay with great atention...

    • Here is the source you need to see, when, and how
      much of insider selling can occur. (it starts monday,
      folks,,,ya better DD and quick!!!)
      Item 56 shows their
      salaries. Item 72 shows when they can sell, and how
      Over 8 mil shares can be sold immediately,
      Monday. And they will be able to sell another 24 mil (not
      K, by the way!) over time....at about 3.57 mil
      shares per month, of their total 34 mil shares they own.

      Needless to say, this 8 mil Monday, added to now
      float of 3.1 mil shares, will be a float of over 11
      mil, eh???? This isn't rocket science. This is DD,,,as
      you should have done before now....
      This stock
      is NOT a buy, as some here believe. It WILL be much,
      much, much cheaper soon. You watch. I'd say it will be
      $20 in a short time period. Falls in half or more,
      Monday. Good luck. This link is from Yahoo....... (AOL

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