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  • MVOSS94538 MVOSS94538 Mar 2, 1999 10:10 AM Flag


    all the experts on this board yesterday said
    today would be
    a huge down day (I know curly in city
    slickers said The day
    ain't over yet"), but it appears
    all you board experts were
    WRONG...see ya at the
    top in in few months....ha ha ha

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    • look at number message 21547
      -a friend

    • Since I posted ebay went down to 115. I think
      because the market is going down ebay will drop. I think
      we have to wait till the close to see where ebay is
      but I think the next couple days the market will go
      down. I think it would be a positive for ebay to go
      down. That way weak owners will sell and long term
      buyers will step in to support the price. There were a
      lot of 100 share blocks today. I think there were a
      lot of people buying for their long term account. I
      think there is strong support and buyers for ebay at 80
      and unless the overall market tanks I don't believe
      it will go below that. A lot of people bought in the
      last week for the split. Without a reason there will
      not be a lot of buyers stepping in to pump up the

    • That's why I showed up today...
      I'm down a
      thousand and change....
      I'm not worried.
      You people
      who risked money you can't afford to lose...get out
      The hangman is coming....

    • We are in complete agreement as what will happen
      based on today's action. Now I am worried. Still have
      not addressed what happens if it closes between 110
      and 117. Also if it hits a over 121 today I firmly
      believe it will go over 125 too. Your comments?

    • The Sultan urges you to take your profits now or
      others will. No long who bought in at the current prices
      will be able to sleep tonight. Visions of
      investigations will dance in their heads! Remember, the last
      long to buy always gets screwed.

      Why delay the
      inevitable. Sell your positions, and buy later at a lower
      price. If you don't, short sellers like me will wind up
      with your money, your homes, and eventually ... your
      women! (Well, the pretty ones anyway!)

      Heh, heh,

    • The momentum has slowed. The last hour will tell
      us where the stock is going short term. If it breaks
      holds 117 then tomorrow it will probably rise. If it
      breaks 110 then I see this stock hitting 100 by Friday.
      If it breaks 100 then I think 80 is the next level
      to watch. I think if the stock goes to 80 a lot of
      new money will jump in and bring the price back up. I
      think ebay needs to correct one more time for it's
      price to stabilize. I thik the stock will drop today.
      Too many people were burned in the last half hour
      yesterday. I think the sell off will happen about 2:50pm

    • Need to stick together! down with ebay rah rah!

    • eBay came public a few months back. Necks will
      snap at $80, $120, $160, $400......

      dotcomcancer's neck has already snapped along with his

      It looks like you're the next in much
      have you lost?

    • I should have proof read. The analogy should have
      ended up reading that they will be down big time. My
      point is that they are sheeps being led to a slaughter.
      The time to buy this stock is when it reaches
      fifty...maybe. But feel free to buy more stock now if you'd like
      or exhorts others to. Or makes no
      difference. The rope is strong, the trap floor is working and
      the line of buyers strecthes down the steps, into the
      street and out of town. Soon the snap of necks will

    • >>Why aren't you bashing eBay like the
      other "shorties"??????

      Because I don't delude
      myself into thinking that what I or anybody else says on
      this message board is remotely connected to the price
      of a stock with a trading volume of 7m+. Besides, I
      really do like ebay. I just can't look at the chart and
      believe that it won't take a downswing soon. Always has.
      Then I'll be back long again. Personally, I don't know
      how you shorts do it. By that I mean short this
      stock. Way too nerve racking.

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