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  • tdsparks77 tdsparks77 Mar 6, 1999 11:17 PM Flag

    ebay 9

    I hope everybody else here prepares to see ebay
    go down at least a little. I am planning to short,
    which I know will receive criticism, but when ebay goes
    down on Monday (after this 50% run-up) I will be
    riding it down. What do you think?

    • When AOL was undergoing its meteoric rise last
      summer and autumn, analysts thought the AOL was going to
      crash back to earth so hard that humans would become
      extinct. In December, when AOL went from 80 to 150 in a
      few weeks, my friends who were long AOL could not
      sleep at night. Now AOL has stabilize and just this
      past week, I thought my ears were bleeding when I
      heard more than one analyst say that AOL was
      undervalued. Funny how pyschology changes so

      According to the Yahoo chart, Ebay's 7000 P/E is based on
      $0.02 earning. That means if ebay earns $0.04, its P/E
      is cut in half? Hmmm.

    • demand?

    • CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY might be worth $50 a share!!

    • If you are long EBAY, hold and make some more
      money tomorrow. I would not be surprised if it hits
      $200. The shorters are being squeezed. Can you imagine
      how many shorters got margin calls Friday

      Monday is going to be great for longs and very ugly for

      Lets get this stock above $200 and then we can target
      $300 or $400. I don't see any reason why $400 isn't
      achieved sometime in April.

    • I almostagreed w/ your strategy as a

      Your steps involved watching the market constantly.
      Most of us have a 9-5 job to attend to (maybe not for
      long if this thing keeps going).

      As a true long
      you could:

      1 buy it & not look back for for a
      year (but review it occasionally)

      2 for a
      nervous long set your stop loss @ 15% below the current
      GTC timeline. (currently mine 's stop is at

    • <<2 years ago, I was an unhappy grad
      student living from paycheck to paycheck. One day, I
      said, "shat, I am not going to pay $800 rent every
      month any more. I am going to sleep for free at the
      city homeless shelter, live out of my knapsack, and
      invest my rent/furniture money in stocks. In 10 years, I
      will be a multimilionaire."

      So I sold all my
      furniture and mnoved to the homeless shelter, where I get 3
      free hot meals a day. I make a decent income begging
      on the street, and sometimes I do odd jobs for
      additional cash. Every penny of income I earn goes directly
      to my brokerage account. I bought ebay and yahoo and
      dclk and egrp early on. I recently got into EGGS and
      PTVL. My nestegg is growing and soon I will be
      independently wealthy. >>

      If you're homeless and
      begging by day and crashing at a homeless shelter at
      night, how do you access Yahoo as often as you

      Get a life....,

    • Whats going To Happen When This Short Squeeze
      ends? Will we be back in Double digits? Any advice on
      Picking the Top of This Monster? Im holding Since the
      Morning Maria B on CNBC said That The Analyst Are
      pounding The Table on Ebay and Goldmans said it was the
      best Internet Business Model Ever.........Im AT 63 (21
      SPLIT ADJUSTED)I was upset I dint get out when it broke
      300 after last earnings anouncement and split
      anouncement......Fourtunatley I held till the split and Im itching to sell but
      Im holding as long as the Momentum continues

    • I've been on this board since eBay went public on
      Sept. 24, 1998. I've seen shorts who had destroyed
      their wealth, health, families or even lives. One guy
      claimed that he was going to commit a suicide so that his
      wife could claim the life insurance back in November.
      And he's never appeared on this board since then
      (just check out ebay's board in last Oct/Nov). Think
      twice before you short. Short-squeeze is a black hole.
      I truly feel sorry for those shorts who had lost so
      much, although I am long since last Oct. My best
      advice, go with the trend - don't fight it - and you will
      find peace and success.

      eBay is the cornerstone
      stock. Why? as a reminder, eBay revived the entire IPO
      market when it successfully went public last fall.

    • There were even more shorts back then than there
      is now. It was almost sad to see how many shorts
      were predicting EBAY's demise, going as far as to say
      it would be trading at $3-5 by year's end. Of
      course, the shorts on the board then were not the same
      shorts on the board now. You figure it out. Too
      bad...I'm sure some of them HAD wives, families and

      Don't short EBAY. Buy it and ride the internet gravy
      train. A stock like EBAY only comes along once in a

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