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  • kolli1999 kolli1999 Apr 13, 1999 6:36 AM Flag



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    • I am not an EBAY investor, but look at this for
      your own profits

      Taken from


      SAN FRANCISCO, April 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Tianrong
      Building Material Holdings, Ltd. (OTC Bulletin Board:
      TNRG) announced today that it has completed the
      spin-off of its e-commerce internet division into a
      separate publicly traded subsidiary, Tianrong Internet
      Products and Services, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: TIPS).
      TNRG will continue to own approximately 70% of TIPS
      and will pay a stock dividend of approximately 30% of
      TIPS to the shareholders of TNRG. The board of
      directors of TNRG will set the record date for the dividend
      early next week and make a public announcement
      immediately thereafter. The Company also announced that it is
      on schedule for the record date to be before the end
      of April.

      James Tilton, president of TNRG,
      stated, "I am pleased that we have been able to complete
      the spin-off of our e-commerce division. This is an
      extremely exciting moment for TNRG as it marks an important
      milestone for TNRG in that the e-commerce division is our
      first spin-off in the projected spin- off of a number
      of different divisions. As shareholders begin to
      grasp how these spin-offs work and the value of the
      dividends paid out, the value of these spin-offs should
      start to begin to be reflected in the price of TNRG
      stock itself. We believe our various divisions have
      many exciting projects that are not yet reflected in
      the price of the TNRG stock. TIPS is just the first
      indication of how much value is packed into

      Tianrong is a business development company that has set as
      its goal the acquisition of businesses in numerous
      industries and plans to apply Tianrong's management
      expertise to quickly grow value in the acquired businesses.
      Tianrong has announced future stock dividends in three
      subsidiaries and on a long-term basis may elect to issue stock
      dividends in other subsidiaries.

      For further
      information contact investor relations at (800) 641-5844 or
      visit www.tnrg.com.

    • You are thinking about missed opportunities. You
      try telling yourself, "This is not a crash, this is a
      mere dip. A glorious golden opportunity for tomorrow's
      wonderous rally into the stratosphere." But what good is
      lying to yourself. At least be honest with yourself.

    • The_Reverend_Poo_Toxic The_Reverend_Poo_Toxic Apr 13, 1999 11:28 PM Flag

      >>Then, it fell. It crashed!!

      This your idea of a crash? Please, you shorts are
      really getting desperate. I think your in the bathroom
      drinking Lysol at this point. Please wake up!! What are
      you doing!!!!?

      This is not a crash, this is a
      mere dip. A glorious golden opportunity for tomorrow's
      wonderous rally into the stratosphere. Please, now go short
      Ford motor company, or something suitable like that.

    • hmmm,,, notice you said "The rich man strolls on buy"

      Wishing maybe you were that one that did the "buy"?????

    • One asks the other, "So, how did you wind up
      "Used to bet the ponies. Lost everything I
      "Oh. And how about you?"
      "I lost my money by being
      long on Internet stocks".
      Just then, a finely
      dressed man walks by, drops a $50 bill.
      "Thank you,
      sir," one of the bums says.
      The rich man strolls on
      "He made his money shorting Internet stocks."

    • If anyone is actually shook up over a $3.75 drop,
      then they shouldn't be in this stock. Hell,,,they
      shouldn't be in any stock. But you can keep trying Ultra, I
      don't think you are scaring anyone but it is a free

    • but then it went down. You could have made money,
      but you didn't. You bragged. Now, everyone is
      laughing. Your girlfriend or wife thinks you are a loser.
      You could have bought a new car, gone on a fabulous
      vacation to Europe. Now, your'e wondering if you will be
      able to retire comfortably...or at all.

    • The_Reverend_Poo_Toxic The_Reverend_Poo_Toxic Apr 13, 1999 10:55 PM Flag

      >into the float and insiders become
      billionaires. Supply and >demand factors are
      becoming a reality very soon.

      HahahahahHAHAHAHAHA!!! What do you call "soon"? Tomorrow? Next week?
      Next month? Next year? 20 years from now?

      after hours: $184! Sorry, pal, it ain't going to close
      below $170 any more. Just go get some beer, drink it,
      get over it. Move on. Go look for something else to


    • Stock pick of the week �RESM.

      1) Resmed
      has met or exceeded First Call EPS estimates every
      quarter since going public
      2) Recent FDA clearance
      for AutoSet Portable II Plus which gives providers a
      cost-effective means to expand clinical capabilities and enhance
      revenues. Respiratory sleep studies can be carried out in
      patients' homes.
      3) Dr. Peter Farrell, Chairman and CEO
      of ResMed declined to comment on market rumors
      Potential takeover target by MKG or RESP
      5) 77.50% is
      owned by institutional investors

      Hurry up!! This
      stock is going to be very hot
      and it's about to
      scream!! Jump in before it flies! Check it


    • You kept telling yourself that the stock would go
      up some more. In the back of your mind, you asked
      yourself whether that was realistic. You blocked that
      thought. "After all, its an Internet stock. They ALWAYS go
      up!!" So, you didn't sell, you waited. Then, it fell.
      It crashed!! All that money you could have had! Your
      at work. You get a phone call, from your broker.
      He's telling you that you have a margin call!! He
      wants you to send a check immediately. You think
      someone may have overheard the conversation. How did you
      get into such a mess!!

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