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  • ComeWithTheWind ComeWithTheWind Apr 30, 1999 9:59 AM Flag

    I don't how EBAY can enjoy P/E = 3075.

    Earnings are over. What to hold the ebay at this
    inflated level. Look Yhoo, CMGI, AOL, AMZN, all away their
    52 week high. Is ebay a special play in internet?
    Who are the real leaders in internet?
    realistic, no speculation. Remember, it has been UP to far,
    no stock can be up all the time. It is reality.

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    • This is a little RNWK. Great company; and it's beginning to move.
      Do your DD and you will be impressed.


    • Is it a good time to get in on BIDS.COM???


    • ETV is gonna roll Monday:

      company e4L � it stands for �Everything for Less� � is
      betting it can use the power of the $120 million it
      spends on TV to remake itself into a Wal-Mart of the
      Web. e4L�s concept is to use its 30-minute TV
      commercials to sell yearly memberships to its Web shopping
      service where people can buy 800,000 different items such
      as clothing, CDs, books, toys, computers or
      groceries at discount prices. Analysts believe e4L can
      succeed because it can leverage the thousands of hours of
      TV infomercials it buys yearly to brand its Web

    • Market standouts (C, CHV, EBAY). For a summary see CNBC Specials - April at

    • NEW YORK, April 30 (Reuters) - Trading after the
      stock market session was slow Friday with little
      movement in
      The uneventful post-session
      capped a week which saw a
      series of record closes for
      the Dow industrials but a pullback
      on Friday amid
      renewed concerns about inflation.
      America Online Inc
      AOL.N traded at 142-3/4 on the
      Instinet broker
      system, in line with the regular close. Inc
      AMZN.O traded at 171, down 1-1/16 from the
      close. The stock had gained 3-13/16 in the
      The New York Stock Exchange said after-hours
      session one
      volume was 2,176,000 shares compared with
      2,407,700 on
      Thursday. Session two volume was 9,527,814
      shares compared with
      38,789,487 Thursday.

      Rtr 17:39 04-30-99

      Copyright 1999, Reuters
      News Service

    • looks like a bunch sold near the bell as many do not want the exposure over the weekend. Look for a retest of the $200 area early monday.

    • Insiders have been selling all along. They have
      the same right to make money as all of us. This does
      not mean that they think the company is going down,
      be real. They just are enjoying their payoff for
      being smart and working hard. I believe a split is
      coming so make your decisions with that knowledge.

    • You are right, but I like to hang on to stocks,
      so it doesn't matter where they bounce and all that
      stuff. I agree with you in that I also think EBAY will
      close below 210. (possibly) You are obviously doing
      something right with your calculations. Today is turning
      out to be a trader's delight.

    • I shorted again at 209 when I saw the T-bond
      moving up and Dow tanking. Dow fell out of the channel
      but with slight difficulty. I covered at 203 because
      T-bond faltered and that means Dow would be bouncing up

      Would you call that a test of 200 or what? I suggest
      you recalibrate your calculations since you are
      obviously off some regardless of whether EBAY moves up or
      down. There is some chance of EBAY pushing back above
      210 on the strengh of the bounce. But the likely will
      be trapped below 210 until eod.


    • Look how well it is holding up even while the market is tanking. I would be surprised if we test 200 today.


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