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  • The_Reverend_Poo_Toxic The_Reverend_Poo_Toxic May 6, 1999 5:51 PM Flag

    New to investing?

    Welcome, novice investors. This message is for
    you. Have you ever wondered how you can make the big
    bucks in the stock market? Well, wonder no more, the
    good Reverend will show you the easy and fool proof
    method of making fast money, in an entirely safe

    As you know, the internet represents a fundamental
    realignment of the entire global economy. Internet stocks
    easily go from $9 a share to $200 - effortlessly! Why?
    Because we all know that the internet has unlimited
    potentional. Someday, almost all financial transactions will
    go through the internet.

    Now is your turn to
    get in on a good thing, but which do you choose? An
    internet company with no earnings? A new IPO that may
    vanish overnight? No. Choose an internet blue chip
    company that has good solid growing earnings, earnings
    that blow away all earnings estimates, and earnings
    that will grow nearly to infinity. You can choose
    EBAY! Ebay is the ultimate blue chip internet

    Even if you've never invested in stock before, you can
    get rich quick investing in Ebay. It's easy and fun.
    Just buy as much Ebay stock as you can at this price.
    Remember, Ebay is guaranteed to never close below $170 a
    share. So, any price you buy it in the range of
    $165-$170, you are guaranteed to never lose any money! I
    recommend buying in at any point below $180, to be sure
    you'll get in. And, Ebay is going to go much higher.
    Ebay can only trend higher and higher, and has been
    given price targets between $250 and $300 by some of
    the country's most prestigious analytical firms. Ebay
    is at a bargain price right now! It won't last, it's
    going up big time!

    Ebay has a history of trading
    up to a P/E of 10000, and is now at a P/E of only
    around 2500. This means that Ebay will grow back above a
    P/E of 8000 soon. Ebay is also the internet world
    leader at acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Ebay
    just had a secondary public offering priced at $170 a
    share, a price which the underwriters are backing in the
    market. This is an iron clad guarantee that Ebay will
    never close in the $165 to $170 range, it will only
    close higher than that. This is why Ebay is almost as
    safe as buying a certificate of deposit at your local
    FDIC insured bank!

    If you've ever dreamed of
    riches and success, now is your chance. Ebay won't be on
    sale for much longer, it's going ballistic. Happy
    trading! Someday, soon, you can be like me, with a new
    found financial empire of amazing riches, and moving to
    a tropical paradise! Wow. Don't delay, set yourself
    up with an online brokerage account now, and BUY
    EBAY! Life will be beatiful for you, your kids, and
    your grandchildren! Hurray for Ebay!

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    • The_Reverend_Poo_Toxic The_Reverend_Poo_Toxic May 10, 1999 11:29 AM Flag

      Please. Surely you can do better than that. My
      analysis of Ebay is fantastic, and I'm always correct on
      Ebay's long term direction. What, me worry?


      I'm right, you're wrong. Try again. Buy to cover. I
      told you so.

    • I am have fun too.

      Can't wait til the day
      when the net stocks all hit the fan.
      Before, when A
      company bought an internet outfit, stock when up.
      at an example, GE/NBC want to buy XOOM and SNAP, and
      GE stock price went down, WHY?

      To the end,
      only the insiders of the net comapny will make money,
      a lots of money and leave a whole bunch of people
      losing their life-savings.

      As the the "REV", he
      is going straight to the Toxic dump.

    • VodooNowReadsDenOfThieves VodooNowReadsDenOfThieves May 10, 1999 10:54 AM Flag

      The Rev is margined to his max. What broker/bank
      was dumb enough to give THIS GUY a

      Surely a sign of a systemic bubble. Not just on eBay,
      but the economy...

      (Sorry, Rev, but we are all
      fallible, including you. By repeadedly calling yourself
      infallible you are just making yourself a target for abuse.
      But go ahead - I think it's kinda fun...)

    • msel is going to fly, don't miss the boat, get in now, still good price, the price still decent

    • VodooNowReadsDenOfThieves VodooNowReadsDenOfThieves May 10, 1999 10:45 AM Flag

      ...on this weeks messages, so I don't know if
      anyone has mentioned this yet on the board. However, Meg
      (eBay's CEO) is on the front page of the New York Times
      business section today. Worth reading. Check the web site
      of the Times.

    • >>I am in a position just like yours,

      Sure you are.

      >>the selling pressure is getting more intense.

      No it's not.


    • the reworked, and will be adding rolex and other fine watches soon.

      check it out goldonline no longer under cnstruction. More good news on the way.

    • >>'m already short at $219. I don't need to
      wait until then to
      >>gloat. I'll do it now.
      I made money off of you, pooh.

      Ha ha ha ha
      ha! Sure you are.

      Everyone notice how the
      shorts always claim to be short near the peaks? Ha ha ha
      ha! And how this miraculous disclosure appears only
      AFTER the fact. Ha ha! Keep dreaming buddy.

      give full disclosure, that my recent buy-in points are
      between $160 and $168. I have made some pretty big
      purchases at these bargain levels, and am currently well
      extended out to the maximum of my margin abilities. I
      don't need to whip up some bogus price levels after the
      fact, as you shorts always do.

      The difference
      between your ability to call Ebay's direction and mine is
      this: I am infallible, you only pretend to

      Indeed, you really do make me laugh. Thanks for the
      comedy break today.

    • Re: Rev's Mother of short squeeze.

      arguments with a moron. I am in a position just like yours,
      and like I said, we can wait because:

      the odd
      is on our side, and
      the selling pressure is
      getting more intense.

    • >>I hope Ebay does somehow manage a miracle
      and close below $170 for just one day. Then you can
      gloat and go bananas shorting it.

      I'm already
      short at $219. I don't need to wait until then to
      gloat. I'll do it now. I made money off of you, pooh.
      Don't cry.

      >>We can trigger a short
      squeeze with a volume of only a few hundred

      Yawn, and duh.

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