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  • JudgeLJ JudgeLJ Jun 17, 1999 12:23 PM Flag

    EBAY in Fortune

    Fortune magazine has a feature article on EBAY. Hard to tell if it's positive or not. Read for yourselves but it should cause a reaction. IMO of course

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    • Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the new
      (16-month old) management at EBAY. This story demonstrates
      a real fear of those of us involved in start-ups.
      Almost all of the value of EBAY was established before
      the new management came in. Yet, the control of its
      future is now entrusted to the newcomers. This if often
      necessary, since entrepeneurs often make bad managers.
      However, as an executive with two high tech IPO-candidate
      companies, getting a new venture going with one philosophy �
      and then operating it with another, contradictory
      philosophy is a real concern. Time will tell if these were
      good moves in '98 and '99, but they don't seem to be
      getting a rave review here.

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      • Here's a stock that is prime for profit. It's
        also a much better play than EBAY:

        Technologies Inc (XDSL). announced today that Investec Ernst &
        Company, a New York based broker-dealer, has initiated
        coverage of their company.

        Investec Ernst &
        Company technology analyst John J. Garrity initiated
        coverage of mPhase Technologies, Inc. citing the

        ``mPhase Technologies, Inc. is a
        communications equipment company whose products facilitate the
        convergence of Video, Voice, and Data services over the
        existing copper telephone wires through a dedicated
        bandwidth solution. Using its proprietary hardware, mPhase
        offers a specific type of DSL called Rate Adaptive
        Digital Subscriber Line (RADSL), allowing high-speed data
        transmission at speeds up to 6Mbps downstream and up to 1Mbps
        upstream, increasing throughput up to 200 times faster than
        an existing 28.8 Kpbs internet connection. mPhase's
        DSL technology is unique in that it enables
        simultaneous delivery of high-speed Internet access, digital
        video, and telephone communications over an existing
        telephone line on an unshared platform. Potential
        applications made possible by mPhase's products include video
        teleconferencing, remote education, tele-medicine, and

        ``Given mPhase's development stage
        status, an earnings model is inappropriate. The company
        is a pure technology play and can not be valued
        using traditional methods. As an alternative, we looked
        at the public market valuations of stand alone DSL
        companies. Comparable publicly traded providers of DSL
        technology have an average market capitalization of $206
        million. Therefore, if mPhase were to be valued on a
        comparable basis, it would sell for $11,''

        stock has been hit HARD by the recent inflationary news
        and is currently trading at an anemic $6 1/4. Get on
        board...the boat is about to leave the dock. Buy a $1,000
        worth and be glad you did by summer's end.)

    • IMO this is a very well written piece on the
      background and plans of eBay management. Maybe it has to
      much meat to be of interest to day traders though

      As a long time eBay seller, my read of the article
      is that I need to move elsewhere.

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        AND WIL

      • Amazon's auction site is only 11 weeks old and
        has already reached the level of listing and bidding
        activity which it took eBay two years to achieve.

        eBay's current market cap presumes astronomical growth
        rates. To quote Fortune: "Richard Zandi, an analyst at
        Salomon Smith Barney, calculates that by 2009 eBay will
        have to be selling $212 billion of goods a year to
        live up to its current value. To put that in
        perspective, that's almost 60% more than what the world's
        biggest retailer, Wal-Mart, sold in 1998. "

        isn't enough garage sale and collectibles merchandise
        traded on the planet to make that happen.

        auction format is a very difficult way to buy something,
        and only makes sense if you are buying something
        unique or special. For high volume retail goods, a
        person wants low prices, quick service and no hassle.
        Auctions have a role, but it is specialized and does not
        displace the vast majority of conventional retail buying.
        Would you wait for days to find out if you did or did
        not agree to buy a bottle of shampoo or tires for
        your car.

        Put on your thinking caps folks.


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