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  • jwerner23 jwerner23 Jul 12, 1999 12:24 PM Flag

    Fearless . . my answer to competition.

    Hey Fearless, I agree with you 100%. Even though
    I've not made as much as you, I have made equivalent
    to the amount I got paid at my job (before I quit).
    (No, it was not at seven eleven. I was actually a
    college financial aid advisor).

    Anyway, I made
    between $3,000 - $4,000 per month. I still occassionally
    buy and sell. However, I am now doing mission work
    and am communicating through my laptop. It's not as
    easy to ship products, etc.

    I found Ebay and
    was doing business through them way before it went
    public. At least, here's my take on the competition

    You can go to Ebay and look up "dog pantyhose" and
    you will eventually find it. There is no other
    auction service even close to the volume it has attained.
    Even more, unlike Amazon, B&N, and all the other
    ecommerce sites, once a person gets hooked into Ebay, they
    don't want to leave because of competition. Let me

    1. Sellers want to get as much out of their product
    as possible. Thus, they will always go to the site
    with the most bidders. Example: Let's say you can sell
    a certain barbie for $500 on Ebay. However, if you
    were to place it up on any other auction (with no
    reserve), you'd probably get about $100, since there aren't
    as many people bidding against each other. So, what
    does this seller do when he places on say, Amazon? He
    or she sets a reserve for $500, since they know that
    they can get that on Ebay.

    2. Buyers want to be
    able to find what they want at the lowest price. Let's
    say a buyer wants the above Barbie. He or she goes to
    Amazon and sees it listed with a $500 reserve. However,
    they go to Ebay and see that they can bid on it at a
    lower price and possibly get it below that $500.
    (Remember, the seller has not set a reserve at Ebay, due to
    the volume of bidders).

    This creates a
    continual circle. Sellers want to sell where they can get
    the most for their product, and buyers want to be
    able to find what they want at the lowest

    Anyway, I believe that the "invisible hand" of commerce
    will work it all out in the end. However, unless Ebay
    management really "messes up," it, in my opinion, IS THE #1
    ONLINE BUSINESS!! Where else can a person buy whatever
    they're looking for, as well as make money doing it!!

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    • EBAY is good company. Me speak english long

      Ebay overbalued. Ebay ten time much more.

      ebay. It sucks.

      Go yahoo. Go Amazon. Speak
      english first, then take a bath on Flea-bag.

    • Get a life. EBay may be a good company, but that
      observation has little to do with the price of its stock. And
      if you are depending on short-covering to prop up
      the price of the stock, you've already lost. Shorts
      covering at a profit removes hard cash from the system.
      Hint: this is bad for a stock.

    • quite heavily, on average at 155 or so. I do hold
      Internet stocks though (like NITE and ATHM). EBAY stands
      among Internuts - because its valuations are
      so insanely
      high. As I explained in a previous
      post, in order to justify
      its valuation at a
      generous but "reasonable" PE 5 years from
      now, when
      EBAY will be considered a "mature" company, EBAY
      have to grow its earnings 15 to 30 times. Do you
      believe EBAY
      will do that? And that's ONLY to keep
      its price at the current
      level. Think about

      15 to 30 times in 5 years means around 100% growth
      year. Do you really think EBAY will be able
      to do that?
      Look at its auction counts this
      quarter - they are basically
      stalled - from May it
      increased from 2.2M+ to 2.3M+ - that
      is not even 100%
      growth right now - not speaking of a year or
      two from
      now. Does that make you think?

      Look, I
      understand what falling in love with a stock is.
      I have
      done it before. But you have to resist it.

    • their greed. That's what they should deserve.
      Generation after generation, people won't learn from
      history. They only learn from their own misfortune, after
      running up huge losses. How pitty a human being can be.

    • and then went back in?

    • I will buy the shit out of this stock.

    • I was stupid to sell it at $260 then.

    • If you compare Ebay with a $100 m&m, you probably
      do not hold any internet stocks or are even short on
      them. For a long time every money manager with a litle
      sense is saying the same thing about internet stocks,
      maybe they are right or no, but believe me, all of them
      regret not havig catch the bus early on. Nowadays there
      is much more technology funds buying internet
      bluechips than before, if they do not have them, they
      cuould underperform the market, so the buyers are
      changing and there are more people interested in getting
      this stocks. So, even if your comparisson with the m&m
      is right, I think that nobody is buying an internet
      company because they are value investors. Or any
      technology stock at all.

    • I'm glad I'm not the only one stating this...

    • but once again - do you like M&M's? Do you think
      they're tasty?
      Would you pay $100 for one? No? How

      EBAY is a good company. It makes money.
      It just doesn't make
      (or will ever make) NEARLY
      enough to justify the stock price.
      That's all.

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