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  • nfullerton nfullerton Jul 14, 1999 11:56 AM Flag

    ebay>120 = free gift for lucky bidder

    if ebay falls below 120 and you are the lucky bidder on this auction, you will win a free gift?

    Check it out!

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    • I think you are in dreamland if you think this
      company will continue to grow like a microsoft.

      to the library and read about the history of markets
      and ebay will not be an exception to the basic
      economic fundamentals. Over speculation has happened many
      times in history.

      Where will all these profits
      come from????? I have still not heard anyone tell me
      how this company will make these huge profits to
      justify the price of the stock. Its just over plain
      speculation and it will return to a fair price based on
      earnings and future earning potential.

      EBAY is
      really woth about 10-40 and 40 is really

      Time will tell the real story of EBAY


    • don't take it.

    • Thanks for the reply. I am not trying to argue
      with you. I respect what you say and have listened to

      EBAY INC has been on a one way decline from its high
      and I until the TA says diferent, I am short.

      I was taught that the graph for most business's is
      the bell curve and and EBAY looks like one to me.
      Only time will tell the real story of EBAY


    • EBAY ELITE. I have made BIG BUCKS on this stock.
      Why argue with me? It will get you nowhere. If EBAY
      opens 50% down on the opening bell on Thursday, I would
      still have a ton of money.

      Stop thinking about
      what they are worth and start thinking about what they
      can buy and keep an eye on that chart. Those are the
      cold hard facts. For better or worse. It is the here
      and now. Not what might be, but what is. If you are
      comfortable with �what is� then you hold. If you are not, you
      sell. It works for me. Sorry about that.

    • About 2 months ago everyone was tickled about sometime called a 2:00 rally for EBAD... What ever happened to the 2:00 rally?

    • Ebay announces earnings on July 26. Ebay will run
      up in advance of the earnings...Ebay will return to
      240+ in November/December... unless, you are an
      experienced trader... do NOT try to time the market! At 125,
      Ebay is a great price... if you consider

    • Compare the 3 auction sites .... You will return
      to EbaY! Guaranteed! In addition, to the No# of
      users, items, .... they also, have the most
      comprehensive business design. I have been selling my sports
      cards for months thru Ebay... I have tried several
      other auctions sites incl. the 3 in the
      subject"...Don't take my word for it! Check the sites yourself!

    • Greg Manning Auctions has signed a definitive
      agreement with Butterfield & Butterfield, a unit
      eBay Inc. Greg Manning will be "a significant
      participant" in a future initiative by eBay to
      offerings of collectibles and fine art from around the
      world in connection with the eBay
      Web site.

    • or yahoo or amazon would have done what they
      have? Board the train my friend. Ebay will make you
      rich, but you must believe. Never mind their market
      cap! The stock is clearly oversold .. You must buy

    • HP:

      How can you beleive that EBAY INC can
      be a winner over time. I think you are a very wise.
      Would you put basic economic fundamentals or (business
      analysis)BA before your TA?

      This company is only an
      auction web site. How can they be worth 15.405 BILLION?
      How can they make these huge profits now and in the
      future? I cant see it and EBAY INC in my opinion will
      crash like all over priced stocks in history

      I am looking forward to your response.


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