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  • RickBalin RickBalin Jul 29, 1999 4:52 PM Flag

    Ebay DOWN for the count

    Your thesis assumes free auctions will drive out
    fee auctions ..such as those that ebay conducts.
    First historically this has never been true.
    "Greensheets" offer free classifieds and they have never
    threatened newspaper very expensive classified advertisin.
    By the way have you priced newspaper classified
    lately. $100 to sell a car. Second..all retail activity
    shows that it is the most ample selection that attracts
    buyers. So size does count. and as ebay grows
    more because it offers more selection. As to the
    outages..its like Yogi Bera one goes there anymore
    its too crowded... get it..too many users is not a
    sign of failure.. as the mass becomes bigger the
    revenues will grow. Yes problems but clearly the net is
    well suited to these type of transactions. If you get
    hooked on buying like this you know ther is no
    substitute. Finally let me ask you a question. Have you heard
    of anyone that makes a living trading stuff bought
    on other auction sites? I doubt..yet thousands do on

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