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  • OldWatchdog OldWatchdog Jul 31, 1999 4:07 PM Flag

    What Fools We Have Here ! !

    1. What fools sold EBAY a $8.37
    2. What fools bought EBAY a $234
    3. What fools are still buying EBAY a $100


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    • Volitility... what goes up must come down. when to dump is always the question. im out

    • OK, you have probably heard this before, but I
      will say it again. I follow TA to use it as a rough
      guide to see what lies ahead (not as a rigorous trading
      method). I have a downward trend line drawn on my charts
      that EBAY has broken through during the post FOMC INET
      relief rally. Since that time, EBAY has been riding down
      the outside of that trendline. From a TA perspective,
      this holds some significance in that there is still
      not any significant upside resistance until 130. On
      the other hand, the downside from these levels is not
      as bad as many think, IMHO. There are plenty of old
      support areas. Of coarse these could be broken just like
      those above but it will be a real fight.

      Playing the bear, if we do see do your 88, there is
      almost nothing preventing us from moving to 80. In fact,
      I think it is in the cards if we are pushed down
      that far.

      Good luck.

    • cashed out at a loss. Sorry to see that, he
      deserves an "A" for effort and a good sense of humor. I
      hope he hasn't lost that as well.

      Stocks that
      trade at significant multiples to future earnings will
      be hit hardest during times of uncertainty in the
      market such as at the present. The INET's took a
      nosedive after the CPI glitch a few weeks ago only to
      recover some ground once the market factored in a 25
      basis point rate increase. We are seeing more of the
      same right now as we are on our way to factoring in
      the next move by the FED. The sector may well trade
      lower over the coming months. It could get very ugly in
      the near-term. On the time frame of 6-12 months,
      things continue to look rosy to me. With EBAY, I'm not
      looking for 234, I am just looking to make a decent
      return on my investment. That�s why I will take my cards
      off the table at 95 and return at 135.
      Non-proprietary product or not, I don't see what is going on now
      as EBAY specific. The prospects for the sector as a
      whole in the long-term are excellent and EBAY will
      continue to hold an important position in this sector. We
      will just have a lot of ground to make up. That�s how
      I see it.

    • Important: Look at the chart on BTRN asap. This
      is a completely unknown biotech company, trading at
      a year high of $6. This company is doing some
      AMAZING research that one day may allow organs and tissue
      from animals to be transplanted to humans without
      rejection. This has huge implications for the treatment of
      cancer and many other diseases. This company and its
      research is just starting to get noticed....any news at
      all and this could be the next huge biotech play

    • When this and other boards turn "super" negative
      it definitely signals an oversold situation...I
      think we have another 6-10% downside before we head
      back up ~20-30% for the year...Only the truth..PEACE

    • I shorted at 120 2 weeks ago....Always plan to cover at 88...I think we will get there this week...1000 shares...Only the truth...PEACE

    • ... when we have a bouce this week, I am hoping
      the shorts will disappear from this board .. for
      good, since most of them will be broke. They seem to
      come and go, given the situation. I have also noticed
      that some of them (ONEFLOORTRADER) appears on other
      boards (AOL, YHOO, AMZN) talking gloom & doom. Maybe so,
      but I AM HOLDING. eom.

    • maintained, if EBAY falls, all INETS will be
      heading lower as well. I think I even said something
      about this when EBAY was near 150 or 160. I said that
      if EBAY were trading significantly below 100, it
      would not be alone. This is not because of EBAY. EBAY
      it is just a symptom of the situation in the whole
      sector at this moment in time. I have had my eyes on the
      Internet indexes as well. We are at near critical support
      levels, indeed. Should be interesting!

    • but I told you 3 months ago this would happen to
      eBay, and I told you why:
      All that T.A. B.S. is
      completely useless if everyone wakes up one day and realizes
      a stock price doesn't have any fundamentals under
      What's happening here is that people are
      realizing that yes, the internet is gonna be huge, but eBay
      is not a proxy for the entire internet-- it is
      simply a company in and of itself (with a
      non-proprietary product), whose real earnings potential must be
      critically analyzed just like any other company.
      more to the point...
      I'm really curious: do you
      know whatever happened to Reverend Poo Toxic???

    • 95 was always a closing goal. At this level I
      guess you could look at it as a gamble but we are only
      talking 2 bucks here. I promise you I am not *that*

      If I might ask, what is your position by the way?
      What are you looking for?

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