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  • bananarammer bananarammer Aug 2, 1999 5:37 PM Flag

    EBAY Will Recover...

    I don't own EBAY, but I think it will recover a
    good chunk of its losses (maybe to the 155 level)
    sometime by X-Mas. Whenever there's indiscriminate selling
    in a sector it's a tell-tale sign of panic
    overcoming greed. The KOOPs, KTELs, MPPPs may linger and
    die, but the AOLs, YHOOs and EBAYs will prosper over
    the long-term. It's true that an over-supply is
    hurting net stocks now, but interest rate concerns,
    "software problems (EBAY)," Y2K, broad-band issues, etc are
    just rhetorical smoke bombs thrown by brokerage houses
    to make investors think there is fire behind their
    smoke. Afterall, did SUNW go down due to EBAY's
    glitches? Did EBAY miss their numbers after the blackouts?
    Did that negative article about AOL ever materialize
    in Barrons this weekend? Did AOL or YHOO post bad
    reports. On the contrary, if anything these "blue chips"
    justify their multiple for their continued strong
    year-over-year and sequential growth. The point is that these
    companies ARE NOT going to disappear! If INTC is racing to
    a new high (following a so-so report), chances are
    that these CPU sales are going to translate into new
    ISP connections and more ecommerce sales. Back in
    June, INTC, MU and DELL were deemed crap buy the
    "experts." Somehow, I suspect that Wall St will change its
    tune about the internet sector too...

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    • Goape,

      You are correct about trades being
      made and executed at a specific point in time during
      the day, but where you are wrong is in your thinking
      that the trade is immediately posted to the tape.
      Sometimes trades made in the morning are not posted to the
      tape until minutes, sometimes hours later. This is
      called an out of sequence trade. You are showing your
      inexperience, which is fine, but when you make unnecessary
      remarks to others that do know what they are posting, you
      make yourself look like a fool. If that is what your
      goal is, then you are succeeding.

      Have a
      pleasant day!

      Brian H.

    • AOL since June 98. It is (you guessed it) a
      long-term hold for me.

      Near-term? I would say not
      very good prospects for gain by the end of August
      unless we get blessed with a relief rally after the
      FOMC. I wouldn't bet on AOL on such a short timeframe.
      We broke an important support level at 98 and have
      hit the 200-day SMA. It depends on what the economic
      data story turns out to be. AOL could easily trade
      back down to 75 by the end of August. 75 is very
      strong. If we break it, all INETS will go down the toilet
      with it. Up-side resistance is 115 but the news would
      have to be very good to get us there.

    • I bought in today at 92..I think I'll stay long until 120...end of August...Any thoughts...Only the truth..PEACE

    • For the low entry I would need to see some kind
      of a strong reversal combined with a healthy
      Internet index and resolution of economic (inflationary)
      woes. Tall order, but I have time on my side

      Before you ask the question, these things would have
      already been resolved in order for us to trade at 135
      which makes it very unlikely right now in the
      near-term. A low entry would make more sense but I can't
      claim to know what that level is right now. At any
      rate, I would only put about 10-15% of my cards back on
      the table and then let it ride (unless things fall
      apart again). Much better prospects elsewhere right
      now. These Internets are just too crazy for a
      long-term investor such as myself. I guess a year is pretty
      damn long for an INET.

    • I think your just having fun with us. If not GOOD LUCK!

    • Look at the chart on NHAN asap. This is a tiny,
      hot little Silicon Valley company that is doing some
      very cool things in telephony and communications.
      Chart is breaking up off support at $2...this stock is
      really starting to get noticed here by some very smart

    • : Watch shorts run for cover. $120 by the end of
      the day.

      But what he forgot to mention was
      that was $120 for *ALL THREE* stocks added together!
      The deception revealed! Heh heh.


    • Watch shorts run for cover. $120 by the end of the day.

    • You do have a position, right now it's neutral, maybe just trying to figure out when to get back in ? You said 135.00 thats the high, whats the low?

    • I got in at $10. I remember it as if it was
      yesterday. No wait, it was! Let me tell you, sentiment was
      about the same at that point in time as it is now. I do
      see some continued weakness in the next few months
      for all of the INET's. They will turn it around
      again. This sell off is much needed right now. Good luck
      getting out at the bottom.

      New alias is great!

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