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  • chkpfbeliever chkpfbeliever Aug 9, 1999 4:06 PM Flag


    Very good and there's strong resistance at 79. This market is going nowhere and will remain like a jelly until the rate hike is for sure.

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    • analysts meeting with Meg ? I'd like to know whether it is good or bad.

    • at $50 the risk is still too high. And it would
      take SPECTACULAR, fast growth to justify

      Nope, I would not buy this stock in unless I got
      realistic results with the price range. And the stock's
      volatility does not help at all.

      I still give it a
      wide range - $5 to $19. That's a very wide range of
      almost 400% from the low - fortunes are made and lost
      with those kinds of swings.

      I repeat - I WOULD
      NO BUY AT $50. The stock still makes no sense at

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      • you make a solid point -- I have not yet decided
        if I will buy at $50 -- but that is the point when I
        will consider it -- and here's why:

        1) I see
        ebay as a high risk gamble -- if it can demonstrate
        some high growth, the idiots that drove the stock to
        $200+ will jump back in...

        2) it does have huge
        growth potential -- it has an excellent business model
        -- it reaps commissions by simply acting as a 3rd
        party in auctions -- if it can grow its volume with the
        internet growth, its future growth could be huge, which
        deserves a relatively high PE ratio -- granted at $50 this
        level may still be too high, but I believe a range of
        $25-$50 is more realistic for this stock vs. $5 -- high
        growth potential stocks have high PEs -- there is a risk
        that ebay does not prosper in the internet, which will
        ultimately prove $50 too high a valuation -- but for someone
        willing to roll the dice, I think $50 is the point when
        you need to start thinking about ebay

        3) as
        you pointed out earlier, I think we are on the same
        side -- I am saying ebay needs a $30 point drop to
        even think about investing in it, you simply are
        stating ebay won't come close to growing to validate that
        level -- hey, you could be right -- when ebay hits $50,
        I will research/evaluate further -- till then, I
        wouldn't dream of touching it

        thanks for your
        comments -- I am glad there are a few sane people posting
        on this board...

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