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  • ThrawnII ThrawnII Aug 11, 1999 1:51 PM Flag

    If EBAY heads to 45

    It would still have a P/E of 4,000

    I guess
    that once it's that high, longs will simply justify
    any P/E . . . I mean 8,000 and 9,000 what's the

    SELL INTO THIS STRENGTH NOW!!! The market has given
    you longs a second chance! Every rally ends with
    lower highs compared to the last

    Personally I think that Ebay can grow 100% a year and in 5
    years its stock price should be where it is now, split


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    • This is interesting, what ever it is.

    • kwiktrader's writing checks his logic cant
      I thought a good fight would be fun but I am boring
      of his stupidity. Dollar strength valuation???
      Against all currencies?? This is to say that if the
      dollar is strong so is eBay?!

      Economics proves
      the fact that if something is priced too high in a
      supply demand situation that competition will come in. I
      am thinking you took way too many of the marketing
      classes and no analysis. Allthough traditional valuations
      are cryptic at best, there is some validity in it.

      The circus must be in town because the clowns are
      definitely here!

    • When people are caught up in the delusional fantasies of a speculative mania, they will believe anything.

    • noonecanbeasdumbas_abkcwls noonecanbeasdumbas_abkcwls Aug 11, 1999 4:53 PM Flag

      Wildebeests might not be real bright, but at least they aren't buying ebay based upon the strong US $?

    • On the last episode, the camera crew went to
      Africa to film animal migration. There was a scene in
      which a large herd of wildebeests were waiting to cross
      a river. In the river were dozens of crocodiles.
      The wildebeests had to cross the river in order to
      move to where enough food was located, but they were
      afraid of the crocodiles. The herd just stood at the
      edge of the water for several hours. Finally, some of
      the wildebeests jumped into the water. As soon as
      some of the wildebeests jumped in, the entire herd
      followed. Immediately, the crocodiles attacked the
      defenseless wildebeests, tore them to pieces, and ate many of
      them. Morale of the story?

    • Strength of the dollar against what? Gold? The

      What the H. E. doublized toothpicks are you talking

      EBAY is a speculation play. Nothing else. Tulip mania.
      Wait for the boys of October, the MMs like GS, to take
      you to the cleaners.

      Look up "Margin Call" in
      your on-line broker's glossary.


    • OK here is where you put your analysis to the
      test. How is it that you value stocks then. If you know
      anything then you will be able to do this. What is your
      target price on eBay and when. Come on then and show us
      your vast intellect.

      P.S. I am not a P/E
      valuation person I think that it is a mutable guideline but
      not strict.

    • You are undoubtedly the absolute worst at
      insults... Dad..College...Whatever... Oooh buttmunch..added
      for flavor no doubt. I need a real good salve from
      that lashing.

      Try a little harder next time.

    • Stock valuations have nothing to do with p/e's or
      value(as traditionally understood). Watching the relative
      strength of the US dollar will tell you more about the
      direction of Ebay than anything else. Wake up, you

    • Weird but true. On bad market days recently ebay has been up,
      and today when the market was way up, ebay was down - go figure!!

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