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  • btmfisher btmfisher Aug 20, 1999 10:21 AM Flag

    Head and shoulders pattern confirmed

    Look at today's press release regarding this very
    bearish chart pattern on ebay. The neckline was clearly
    broken at 130, and the stock bounced back to this
    resistance level before running out of steam. Today's
    scenario......choppy action in a narrow trading range with the share
    price closing near the closest strike price (110). it's
    fun to short this and long it all in the same day.
    You just have to be nimble and use your stops. I am
    long now and have set a stop at 112 1/2 to sell if
    this begins to tank.

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    • It seems like there are 90% negative posts on
      this board. Which is actually a great sign because
      most of these people are short the stock and when it
      goes up they will get burnt and cause a nice short
      squeeze. Everyone is saying that people are boycoting EBAY
      and that they are making bad decisions but that is
      the furthest thing from the truth. They are making
      sure that they make a profit and are doing the right
      thing foer the share holder. If they didn't do what
      they are doing and made no money they would be
      ridiculed for that. SO they are executing their business
      model to a tee. They other companies will be bankrupt
      in a few quarters anyway and then only EBAY will be
      left. Companies like UBID and GMAI are losing money at
      an astounding rate and it's only a matter of time
      before they go under. EBAY is the king and will stay the
      king of the auction sites.
      SO many people say they
      are leaving EBAY and yet the auctions on their site
      are soaring by the tens of thousands every day.
      HMMMM. Either some people are lying or the postings are
      just the rumblings of a few disgruntled people, which
      is probably the case.
      Maybe EBAY should just give
      their service away for free and then everyone will be
      happy except the shareholder when the stock goes down.
      When companies cut prices the market reacts to lower
      the earnings estimates. Now that EBAY will have more
      revenues the estimates will be upped and the analysts will
      upgrade EBAY. ANyone who thinks EBAY will be downgraded
      is just kidding themselves. I also here that
      institutions are just getting into EBAY now that it is at this
      low price. That will drive the price up even

      SHorts will get crush. This will be 150 by Labor

    • I am not an eBay investor and I wouldn't buy or
      short them because I think they are way too high priced
      and way too volatile - it's more like gambling than
      serious investing. Everyone is entitled to their own
      opinion but the views expressed by glans666 are
      ridiculous! Check out the eBay chat room - there is a large
      volume of buyer and sellers who are outraged at eBay's
      latest fiasco - and these are just the most vocal ones!
      This isn't just a few rebel rousers spouting off - and
      this isn't just the sellers because the buyers realize
      that any increase in cost will be passed right on to
      them. Reserves have become NECESSARY and have increased
      dramatically this year due to eBay's unreliability from their
      increasingly frequent extended outtages and glitches. Their
      latest outage really pissed a lot of sellers off because
      they lost a lot of money. So how does ebay respond-
      First they wasted alot of time and effort giving ebay a
      new "look". It is like plastering over the walls and
      a fresh coat of paint for the water stains without
      fixing any of the leaky pipes IN the walls! Isn't that
      what people who are trying to get rid of their
      dilapidated house do before they sell it in a hurry?!!-
      HUMMMMMM!!! Then they slapped their already mad sellers (and
      by the way-their only source of revenues!) in the
      face with a new gouge fee that almost doubles the cost
      of a lot of transactions. Ebay management has made
      one bonehead decision after another and the
      competition is starting to plant its roots!

    • this stock is an act of nature
      it has become
      completely diconected from reality
      it could trade back
      and forth like this for a long time(until the co has
      no more money to play with).
      shorts and longs
      grabbig each others money.
      be careful and don't get
      run over.

    • Good, valid questions, which many of us ask, but
      in the meantime the stock has been volatile and
      profitable for both longs and shorts, so what's a fella to
      do---walk away because the numbers don't make sense? If
      logic---based on conventional models of earnings, p/e
      ratios---were to prevail, few would invest in most internet
      stocks. But fortunes have been made, and probably will
      continue, though in lesser volume, for a few years into the
      future. There have been some thoughtful posts on the CMGI
      board re this quandry, and the conclusion of the
      pro-interneters is that one can't defer because the new era of
      internet stocks trashes all the orthodox, "sound
      principles of investment." Many stocks with terrific ratios
      languish (LRW for one---great earnings, revenue and
      growth, but not moving yet; rated 7th fastest growing
      company in U.S., and it closed at 17 today). I don't know
      what to tell you...except to keep a close eye on your
      positions when you're in the arena.

    • Before you disgruntled shorts rave yourselves
      into a lather about the overvaluation of Ebay--an
      argument which has some merit at present, I agree--check
      the financial research stats: revenue in the trailing
      six months has increased almost 260%; earnings per
      employee are far beyond the averages for the sector and
      the S&P 500. Ebay has been racking up exponential
      growth, and is considered to be one of the premier
      business models for the internet, and to have superior
      management. Maybe the analysts are wrong and the shorts are
      right. Time will tell; but to date the record speaks
      more to the analysts view, even in light of the severe
      correction that has taken place in the internets. But to
      prophesy the demise of Ebay at this point is
      premature....I would say.

    • number of auctions pending have increased by
      about 1,500 since this afternoon alone, and by many
      tens of thousands since wednesday.
      maybe two dozen
      self-important martyrs will boycott for a few days, but they'll
      be run over by "greedy" ebay merchants (like me) who
      would prefer to make money. that's my prediction, but
      don't take my word for it. watch the almost 3,000,000
      items listed on ebay this week and see if nearly
      everyone boycotts, as you predict.
      people have been
      boycotting nestle for years for killing third world babies
      (greed, again) with their infant formula sales, but how
      many of you quit buying crunch bars? i bet (and
      evidence appears to show) that few people will join a
      boycott that would cost them a major source of
      supplementary income.

    • Ebay Dum, except shorts. There are a few
      organizers of the boycott who will get all to join in, Ebay
      is a clan, almost all will join in. Hell some lady
      once got people to boycott meat for a few days , hell
      people love shit like that the'll all get in on it.

    • so you liked to set up reserve auctions to lure
      buyers to your listings with false advertising, and ebay
      tries to charge you a few cents for this, and you
      accuse THEM of greed? why, because they are interfering
      with your own greed? if the ebay service isn't worth a
      few cents, then why not simply use their competitors
      for free?

      ebay thanks you for the compliment,
      but they don't quite make 8 billion dollars from
      their commissions. that's pure wall street speculation,
      and you can't exactly expect meg & pierre to give
      their services away free just because wall street has
      an incredible faith in the future of their business
      model. if they started to do that, then we shareholders
      would do our best to have them fired. their first
      responsibility is to make us money, and they're getting better
      at that.

    • 16 billion dollar company that has 160 employees!
      Must be a pretty damn large payroll to meet huh? Can
      anyone say that this hindenberg has caught fire and oh
      the humanity the humanity of the 80's again. Thank
      god i'm not long. Just stopped by to see the train

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