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  • you_belong_in_my_belly you_belong_in_my_belly Aug 20, 1999 8:36 PM Flag

    History repeats itself, again

    Call options satisfied. Now for the 5th straight
    month big sell offs 2 weeks before options expirations
    are followed by a rally and finish to the upside on
    the 3rd Friday. Options expirations have historically
    been very volatile on heavy volume and 2 out of 3 have
    been strong down days, however the past 5 months have
    done just the opposite. Nothing goes straight up or
    straight down with out a significant event. THERE ARE DAYS
    POSITION. As a short invested in EBAY, with all the good
    news out and it having risen 40% in 2 weeks, This
    stall around the averages will only resisit the upside
    movement of the stock. There are always weak shorts who
    close positions before the week end and longs that are
    just a bit too late to the game who want to move in on
    a percieved pick up in upside momentum. Now the
    longs can not bloat that they are breaking new highs.
    Thursday's action in the stock price clearly indicated a
    reversal in momentum. Nothing goes up or down straigh day
    after day. A drop from 126 and a rise to 123 has
    resulted in a 3 point net loss from the highest close of
    EBAY price since it gained 40% from the lows. At these
    levels, entering September, TIME is a short position's
    friend and the long's enemy.
    Take a look at the two
    yeat charts for the DOW and you'll see where we're
    headed for, except that we're at a higher level and the
    fall off is going to be much harder.
    EBAY will be
    over valued at $1 billion market cap.
    policies are failing and as reported on CNN they are
    pushing their luck with clients. At this hefty,
    unrealistic market cap EBAY will not be able to fight off
    controversy and loss of revenues. This balancing of
    upside/downside movement around the 120 level is the indicator
    that the take off from the 70s is running out of steam
    and is turning.

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    • >>>jandjh...DO YOU SELL ON EBAY?<<<<

      Nope. Don't need to sell anything on EBAY. I make too much money on the stock to have to use their auction site.

    • <EOM>

    • decision they took. I think its a high risk
      choice, but no doubt they had their reasons. It is the
      classic dilemma to maximize profits or expand/maintain
      market share. They have chosen the profit maximization
      side. The risk, starting with irritating their
      customers (its the sellers who pay ebay, not buyers),
      ultimately involves harm to the integrity of the ebay
      system. Trust is a delicate thing which has worked (so
      far) because enough participants have had enough
      respect of the others not to gouge or otherwise abuse it.
      Ebay itself now begins to depart from the policy of
      mutual repect/trust. This will encourage others, the
      sellers, to do likewise. One way in their power is enter
      items to auction employing shills to make phony bids in
      order to avoid selling too low. By joining the
      constituency of the gouge ebay is inviting the participants to
      go around ebay's own rules.

    • Nothing has happened that warrants this. A couple
      of hot heads are leading this thing. These same hot
      heads will be right back on Ebay after their boycott.
      If the people who are interested in boycotting are
      that upset they should just not use Ebay any longer. I
      think this boycott is childish. Remember, common sense
      is not common!

    • I actually can see Ebay's reason for changing the
      reserve policy. I typically have about 25 auctions
      running at any given time. The change is being made due
      to feedback by Ebay users. You are too quick to
      blame Ebay for make a bad business change. I've used
      other auction sites and I don't get near the results
      that I do on Ebay, so good luck!

    • I am interested because I can tell you that I
      have made very little money selling on Ebay during the
      course of the summer compared to winter sales, as
      bidding is way down! The numbers are not there to get a
      good price on anything in the summer. I have listed
      very little in the summer and am holding off on
      listing until after the end of September due to this.
      Check out the ending auctions and see how many items do
      not have bids, or are selling at ridiculously low
      prices due to lack of buyers .

    • Here's the stats on the active auctions on EBAY
      over the last few months. Up almost 50% in the past
      few months with no signs of slowing down. The only
      people who will lose by boycotting EBAY will be the
      sellers who boycott and they know it.

      auctions as of August 20,,,,,,,,,2,691,551
      auctions as of August 13,,,,,,,,,2,646,523

      auctions as of July 30,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,554,221
      auctions as of July 23,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,469,608
      auctions as of July 16,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,426,913
      auctions as of July 9,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,390,357
      auctions as of July 2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,261,254
      auctions as of June 25,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,366,999
      auctions as of June 18,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,253,414

      auctions as of June 4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,227,902
      auctions as of May 28,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,265,843

      auctions as of May 14,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,128,275
      auctions as of May 7,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,079,027
      auctions as of April 30,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,041,087
      auctions as of April 23,,,,,,,,,,,,,1,988,897

    • leaders , interviews in progress. News papers getting in on this one. Cyber revolution sells Papers. Its big news because its the first net revolt.

    • begins August 24 and ends Septeber 1. Personaly I
      would have started it a little latter, but they look
      very organized. Amazing what you can do with these
      computers. The boycott leaders have color graphics and
      moving pictures and what not on their posters and
      billboards. I wonder if Ebay will begin to punish these
      rebels, but I believe it would only steady the resolve of
      the revolutionary's. VIVA LA REVOLUTION. Personaly I
      hate Ebay because I hate scams,plus I'm short. So
      spread the word. EBAY BOYCOTT AUG>1THRU-SEPT>1.

    • they will look like the worse management team
      (which it is) and will kill the stock no matter
      They kiss the analysts rear after every time that they
      have an OUTAGE, like a little boy who's been bad and
      promises daddy that this will be the last time that he's
      gonna be bad, it won't happen again and daddy rewards
      him for his promises.
      How can a stupid company
      having each employee valued at 160 million get so much
      of a break?

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