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  • onefloortrader onefloortrader Aug 21, 1999 4:21 PM Flag

    How will Ebay stock act in the morning

    Ebay will open down but not by much, as most
    investors do not trust their own judgement. People will
    take a wait and see attitude. With buyers on the
    sidelines the smart investors who trust their judgement
    will have already begun to sell , thus as the stock
    drops the uneducated investors will start selling and
    so goes the day. Unlike the outages this is a
    problem that cannot be fixed by a repair company nor can
    be wrote off as an act of God.

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    • Posted Sat. night - about 9:00 p.m. Pacific

      Attempts to explain eBay's thinking behind new reserve
      policy. Says the policy is not written in stone, but that
      he hopes all will try it.

      Go to "HELP" and
      then "ANNOUNCEMENTS" to read in its entirety.

    • >>>$3-$4 earnings = 100 Billion

      That's not true at all. I guess all you did is figure
      that they make pennies now and in order to make 100
      times that they would need to up their auctions by 100
      times. Great analysis. DO you really invest in companies
      based on this knowledge that you have.
      advertising costs and software costs are fixed so once they
      cover those, then the additional auctions are all
      Next time you write something like that maybe
      you should think about what you are saying or better
      yet take a course on economics so you can understand
      how a business works..

    • your bitching will have no efffect on ebay's
      stock price.

      this latest bounce and stock price
      run has been all technical.

      without ant
      outages and ecommerce rise towards xmas ebay will,

      will retest it all time high again. Just ride it and
      be happy, ebay is the one and only legit auctioneer
      and growing by leaps and bounds, so stop the crying
      and support this stock, you will not be sorry by
      doing so.

    • EBAY boards, cause no one is buying your crap
      here on the YHOO boards ( your competition). You can
      not quiet down people here or on other none EBAY
      message boards.
      I have never seen such a strenght of
      negativity and hatred being formed towards a company. A 23
      point drop on Monday won't surprise me.
      EBAY is on
      it's own, even if there happens to be an internet
      rally. EBAY has singled itself out of anything positive.

    • I am a very active seller of middle to upper
      ticket items.
      Ebay needs to handle this new reserve
      price Gouge and handle it quick. Don't down play your
      customers dis-satisfaction. Ebay customers are it's
      sellers. Ebay's bidders are it's sellers customers. Ebay
      needs to figure that one out.

    • company is this 16 billion dollar EBAY that a one
      day outage will hurt their 4.6 million quarterly
      For all I know this outage might have been done
      PURPOSELY to have another excuse for one more quarter of no
      growth. I don't think this excuse will fly again. EBAY's
      days are counted.

    • I am still willing to put my money where my mouth
      is. I will go long again at $135 even if I have to
      wait a year to get there. I am not crazy, you know. I
      absolutely would not take any position between 95 and 135.
      This is much too dangerous at the moment according to
      the chart. We can trade anywhere in that range with
      just a slight breeze in the markets. However, there is
      some nice support building at the 120 level now. Very
      strange for a stock that has fallen so far out of favor.
      Oh well, who can argue with what Wall Street has

    • Havn't see your posts for a while, How have you been? Tell us if you have any positions on EBAY right now or you just want to flip your lucky coin to make decisions for you on Monday?

    • 1. You believe onefloortrader's posts will "stir
      up trader's emotions..." , hate to say this, but
      that tells me YOU ARE A BIG LOOSER! If any trader's
      emotion can be influenced by anyoneelse' posts, take my
      advice, get out of this Market, don't play this game
      since you don't know how to play this game. If you want
      to learn how to be a good trader, pay me first,
      althrough I am an investor, not a trader like you.
      Shame on you even mentioning try to use your IRA
      account to short EBAY! When you opened your IRA, did your
      broker tell you short selling is not allowed? You are
      not even supposed to use your IRA account to buy
      EBAY!!!!! And I hope you didn't, otherwise, you are going
      to lose all your life savings. According to your
      post, you were trying to use your IRA account to short
      EBAY (and perhaps you are a trader yourself), you are
      deadly wrong man!
      3. How many times did you post that
      you were leaving this board and how many times you
      came right back after you said you were going to
      leave? It's a joke that a man can not keep his own words
      for such a simple thing like this and you expect
      anyone to believe your BS?
      I have nothing furthur to
      say to you,
      Good luck on your IRA account!

    • how come ebay with such a high p/e are you all
      concerned about a 1/4 point rate hike? If the rate hike
      went up 2 points it still would not matter for ebay
      with its sky high p/e, what makes this stock move are
      retarded people trading it.

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