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  • RetireAt29 RetireAt29 Aug 23, 1999 11:06 AM Flag

    Anybody here long at $190+ ?

    Take your tax deduction, and switch to short.
    You'll make some of that money you were cheated out of
    by the hypesters, and save yourself another decline
    in portfolio value.

    There's no way this stock
    is going to sustain itself above $170 again, let
    alone $140 (IMHO). Just roll with the punches and do
    the right thing.


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    • selling observed a couple days ago on amzn/yhoo
      were in smaller amounts than buys of previous days -
      just taking some profits, but maintaining position.
      Ebay going down - no institutional support above 115
      or so. Accumulated neon between 13-15. Still holding
      at 16.

      check out fatb - relatively big sells
      today on thomson. good short.

    • Auctions up huh? Here's something interesting....
      Ebays listings are up a puny
      +.2197143944150913722782879391% also the left hand numbers on the ebay home page
      do not add up to the right hand total. Hmmmmm....

    • No doubt, CBOE is loving all of us. But as long
      as we are making money we could care a less,
      right??? I stay naked (wahoooo!), in and out in the same
      day regardless of profit or loss. I never buy less
      than 10 contracts and always stay ATM. Over the past 5
      years I have traded in this fashion with whatever stock
      is hot, I will say I hit 2 out of 5x. Some may say
      that is a losing strategy but then they have never
      "hit" on options.

      Good luck to all, we're all
      here for the same reason TO MAKE MONEY!!!!

    • Have you seen the difference between the ask and
      buy? The
      options are so illiquid. I bet the CBOE is
      making a killing
      with that


      P.S: do you trade spreads or just naked options?

    • I believe this stock is the biggest pig I have
      ever traded. Up/down constantly, what more could an
      option trader ask for. If you aren't trading options on
      this pig you are missing out. Sure you may get snuffed
      here or there, but in the long run you will make money
      either up or down! Don't bother holding the shares, just
      trade the options...

    • How can that be??? There's a boycott going on yet
      the number of ebay auctions are up???? go

      I'll tell you why. Because sellers know that's where
      the money is. I'll give you 3 examples. These are 3
      sellers who I debated with on the ebay chat boards this
      weekend and here is there status (and you can look them
      up on ebay):

      1. darcy - Was screaming boycott
      this weekend and said he would never post on ebay
      again. Was switching to amazon. Well, he has about 70
      items on ebay right now. About 25 of them added
      yesterday. What a hoot!

      2. bommer - Spammed the ebay
      chat board with relentless banners of "eGreed". Said
      he would never use ebay again. He currently has 3
      auctions which is average for him. The go until the end of
      the week.

      3. jup - Insisted on a strike
      against ebay. He has actually held up to his word. He is
      posting on amazon as username "jup1". He has 5 or so
      items up for bid. Not one bid yet.

      examples of why ebay rules.

    • <EOM>

    • Is ebay having problems with the pictures on the auctions. I haven't been able to download a clear one today. Anyone else having the sam problem...Only the truth...Peace

    • was a pretty good move...I see us going to 88 before any more upside...I'll cover in the low 90s....Only the truth...Peace!

    • Look at this Stock info search and news

      (copy and paste, works fine)

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