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  • glassmaniac1 glassmaniac1 Aug 23, 1999 2:43 PM Flag

    To Ebay Stock Holders & Onefloortrader

    BOARD TODAY:::::::::::::::::::
    "ATTENTION Ebay users of auction site by:
    ONEFLOORTRADER 65126 of 65147 Ebay is in with the media. Stop e
    mailing CNBC and others. Take what Ebay gives you and
    shutup. The stock is up big today . Who cares what you
    trailer park flea people say or do. You will stay
    Ebay and take what they give you. You should kiss
    Peiers and Megs Feet. Riff raff like you
    hold togetther a boycott in a 1000 years. You will pay
    the extra fees and like it. Damn
    you I have to
    make a big profit on my Ebay stock. Paste this on your
    Chat room and shut up, I
    must be payed on my Ebay
    investment. Damn flea people. Ungreatful little

    MY REPLY to ONEFLOORTRADER ; The personal insults
    are very uncalled for and mean nothing. No I will not
    stay if there is the changes proposed and have
    registered with
    other sites. It looks as if this so
    called flea people are the ones that have made your
    money for
    you. I suggest that you think about that
    before you start tell anyone to shut up. The sellers
    Ebay might just shut up and disappear completely
    if they continue to hear from ungrateful stock
    holders like you with your attitude.I think the fools are
    not the sellers by far.
    I am here to tell all the
    stock holders and Piere that if they continue with this
    and do not
    keep things the way that they have
    been, it's going to blow up in thier face. They may get
    with it for a little while but it won't take long
    for most bidders to know all the auction sites.

    Thus they will find that they can get everything they
    want CHEAPER elsewhere because of lower fees and the
    sellers that stay at Ebay will find that sales and
    bidding will really drop. Thus causeing them to eat that
    $ or 50 cents for every reserve + normal listing
    fees, not to mention even less sales in
    Everyone please tell them NO CHANGE what so ever.
    Keep Ebay a fair market to deal in. Not a price
    gouger. ...............................................

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    • Great Company!

      WIRE)--Aug. 18, 1999--Dale W. Conrad, president and CEO of
      Synergy Media Inc. (OTC:SYME - news) announced today that
      SYME will expand with investments in Internet-based
      commerce and it has purchased and Internet domain names.

      In making the
      announcement, Conrad stated, ``This is a breakthrough
      opportunity for SYME to expand its e-commerce business. SYME
      currently operates Government Payment Service Inc. (GPS).
      That company processes payments made to approximately
      180 government agencies throughout the U.S.
      Individuals may pay by credit card while speaking to a live
      operator or via the Internet. The GPS processing business
      provides a good platform for expanding into a broader
      array of electronic commerce. We are examining a number
      of other Internet initiatives and expect to pursue a
      number of opportunities with proprietary technology and

      SYME Adds to Complement
      INDIANAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 20, 1999--Dale W. Conrad, president
      and CEO of Synergy Media Inc. (OTC:SYME - news)
      announced today that SYME has purchased the domain names and and partnered with a
      Washington, D.C. area licensed car dealer to offer cars for
      sale on the Internet.

      In making the
      announcement, Conrad stated, ``We are moving quickly with our
      Internet initiatives to establish an e-commerce presence
      within a number of vertical business sectors. Our new
      automobile initiative expands our e-commerce presence, which
      began with Our goal is to become a
      major business-to-consumer and business-to-business
      participant in automobile distribution. We are currently
      utilizing Ebay for our automobile auctions (Ebay link at, but are in the process of securing sublicensing
      rights for a proprietary technology to create an
      automobile exchange at

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    • AMZN keeps losing more & more money. That's the
      brand name you're investing in. There is no horizon of
      hope to show they will ever make money.

      MEHMET:"You should be lucky if EBAY makes money next

      We *KNOW* AMZN will not be making ANY money until
      Hell freezes over... and even then it's not

      It's funny to see the same wrong theories again. Years
      ago I saw these same messages on AOL boards, saying
      how AOL will crumble & how "others are catching up."
      Now all those people are very poor for their
      ignorance & lack of foresight.

      I'm not saying EBAY
      will repeat what AOL did. And both AMZN & EBAY are
      well known. AMZN is just a more well-known mess.

    • luvsetters is trying to prove he has a better
      command of the English


      He is a show-off


      doesn't realize that these boards are multi-national and
      English is not the native language for most foreign


      He doesn't realize that it's more important to get
      the point accross than to be proper and use a lot of
      hard to understand words so you may impress


      He thinks like a White-Power, English maybe an
      international language, but also a white language, thus,
      another attemp by his kind to dominate the


      Shorts are screwed.


      I am
      an actor from an old Chinese martial arts movie.

    • "don't compare apples to oranges. AMZN loses
      money while Ebay makes money. Ebay revenues dwarf those
      of AMZN. Ebay is risk free investment, AMZN is too

      So you call making 3MM a profit? You should be lucky
      if EBAY
      makes money next quarters, after all
      those outages and displeasing their so called community
      by the latest joke of
      trying to up the
      reserve-bid auctions by ONE dollar?

      AMZN has revenues
      of 1.8B and is building a brand name.
      I see only
      one kind of name building by EBAY and that
      ugly: a site that crashes all the time, a site that
      to up the price making sellers complain. Right now
      still use Ebay because they have the biggest listing
      the listings of Yahoo Auctions and others are
      catching up.

      Keep buying EBAY, I couldn't short
      this time and I need you
      to inflate the price once
      again before I short.


    • I'd hate to have you as my financial advisor.

    • What would happen to the net sector if the Fed decided to raise margin rates to 60% from 50%. Any takers out there????

    • Last 4 qts of amzn: 154; 253; 294;

      Last 4 qts of ebay: 13; 20; 43; 50

      Ebay sales
      greater than amzn? Do your homework. Both business models
      are flawed; will continue to lose $; and are grossly
      overvalued. It's only the hype of the investment bankers that
      keep these things alive. Ebay, with a market cap of
      is a total sham. Amzn has $1.5B in debt which must
      be repaid quarterly. If these two stocks even exist
      in 2 yrs., I'll be amazed.

    • people are basically stupid. They are still
      paying $1.00 fee if the item is over $24.99. And ebay
      just puts a spin on it.

      This stock is grossly
      over-valued again and buy October will be $60-70 again.

    • don't compare apples to oranges. AMZN loses money while Ebay makes money. Ebay revenues dwarf those of AMZN. Ebay is risk free investment, AMZN is too risky.

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