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  • gailjar gailjar Aug 24, 1999 7:34 AM Flag

    CHECK this OUT

    look at VASO. I'm not kidding this stock is ready
    to go. Look at what they do and they are also the
    only company to do this
    type of heart treatment
    because they have the patent. They are covered by
    medicare which started in July. Posted positive

    earnings and get this 60 % of there year earnings came in
    the 2nd half of the 4th quarter when Medicare pick
    them up. Grap
    this stock now it's only 1.45. By
    the way they have the patent on this machine until
    2005 so no other company can do what
    they do.

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    • hold it's head above water for another day, for institutions to bail out, MIGHT be an untimely stock split announcement. If not then it is only a straight ride down to 80 with a hick up at 100.

    • EBAY went from 70 to 130 in less than a month,
      almost doubling on an extended relief rally from the
      mass selloff. My guess is many shorts covered helping
      the bump up. Now there is nowhere to go but down, and
      everyone knows it. Sorry, longs. Learn to pick stocks that
      are UNDERVALUED.

    • Contrarian indicator works sometimes. Just when
      ebay drops to 70 two weeks ago,everybody think ebay is
      dead and go short it. Then it turn to uptrend for the
      near term(2 weeks time),and from 70 to 129, a nearly
      60 points gain. Don't you think it's too fast too
      soon. Just when lots people think this sucker rally is
      turning uptrend(contrarian) and got suck into 'buy' like
      you and some weak shorter cover push it higher. It
      really start to go down at least for the next 2 weeks.
      Another leg down.
      Don't you know that Ebay is history.
      If you want to buy internet stocks, buy the
      infrastructure. Look JNPR,RBAK,BRCD,QCOM,CNXT,CMTN. I am long on
      these uptrend stocks, not the beaten down dogs like
      ebay,amzn,pcln. They are history. Don't dream they will come
      back. It will be like PSFT,NETA,COMS.IOM (I don't own
      these stocks).
      Face the fact. Sounds like you are
      holding ebay all the way from 200. Rule No. 1 : Cut your
      loss short(7 or 8%).

    • ready for the SLAUGHTER now.

    • Why don't you tell us what the short ratio is? Then we can all compare it to the correct short ratio. Do you know what the put/call ratio is? Does it bother you that it is insanely low??

    • a f$%#ing MORON. There is no way under any model
      that you can justify EBAY's ridiculous valuation. Oh I
      forgot, it's share price was cut in half. That's a real
      good reason for it to go up--BULL____. Go ahead and
      close your eyes. Feel the pain as Y2K approaches, I
      will short this POS in the morning.

    • ... if ebay shot up to 150 from here, could you
      afford it? What about 170? What about 200? Do you
      realize once it begins a run, it can shoot up 20 points a
      day? Do you realize how high the short ratio is today?
      Do you realize how many people are short on margin
      and will have to cover if there is any kind of rally?
      Can you react quick enough? So why risk it? Silly.

    • ... BECAUSE so many people are short. The ideal
      contrarian indicator is when a bunch of shorts start
      flooding a msg board, its time to jump in. You learned
      nothing 2 years ago. And if you have been short for 2
      years, you have really lost your ass and your

      Cardinal rule for growth stocks... the market will make
      the most people suffer. Right now, the most people
      are shorts. What do you think will happen if there
      were another upgrade with a price target of $200,
      whether it be bogus or real? The stock will climb and the
      massive shorts will cover causing a tremendous run.

      I have been doing this for a very long time (since
      1984, dealing with volatile growth stocks). EBAY will
      be back above $200. A lot sooner than shorts know.
      You guys will fry so bad. It will be a beautiful

    • I short on 8/18 just before the market close. I
      Just under 10 bucks profit above today's closing
      I am expecting much more profit.
      Look. How many
      people are against your idea. Can this tell you what's
      the trend?
      If you still have profit, take it. Wait
      till it drop to 70 then buy again. That's the idea of
      stock trading. Don't be fooled by the logn term
      investment promoted by some fund manipulator. Especially in
      this volatile stock.
      I learned my lesson 2 years

    • Just pitiful. "Don't cry"? That's your response?
      Insecure, huh? I bet you are a real fun person. No friends,

      So, ebay is your money maker? I bet you
      went short on ebay around 93. You can lie if you like
      but I know a panicky short when I read one.

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