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  • dmpstrdiver dmpstrdiver Aug 25, 1999 12:25 PM Flag

    shorted at 123 3/8

    I expect another pullback to around $120 by the
    close, and I'll cover there. I have a protective buy to
    cover stop at $125 3/8 in case I am wrong to limit my
    losses. Will it work???? It's about a 50% ---50% chance.
    Anyone agree, disagree?

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    • Just a question, if the insider selling is so
      immense, how come none have sold any stock in August? Is
      this just another short shot to drop the price and
      cover shorts? I don't watch level II too closely but
      saw several short coverings go through.

    • we all know that EBAY is far from perfect, based
      on repeated server outages, unacceptable fees,
      insider selling, and institutional abandonment. Any news
      less than perfect will drive this stock down
      substantially. Tomorrow's economic data may be the start.
      Moreover, the Fed governors are meeting in Wyoming where
      they are set to discuss current asset bubbles. Any
      negative whispers from those meetings are likely to make
      EBAY tumble. Crashes occur when everyone becomes
      overly bullish. I cannot examine many periods in which
      the overall market sentiment is as bullish as it
      currently is. The beginning of the downfall occurs when the
      second and third tier names rally, and we had just that
      today. Look for a severe market correction to begin real

    • Most venture funds do not allow insider selling
      for one yr. after the ipo. This will be around 10/99.
      I expect the stock to really nosedive at that time.
      The list of planned insider sells is staggering.

    • I agree with you fully. One of the attractive
      features of eBay is that they don't have to procure and
      maintain warehouses; and there are no transportation
      costs. I think its better that eBay focus on what they
      do best and let others deal with the b2c

      I believe that eBay has a leg up on the potential
      competition from Yahoo, AOL and others because they have
      acheived a critical mass of sellers, whereas the
      latecomers have not. I've tried searching for auctions on
      the other sites for items of interest and by far eBay
      has been the best source. Yahoo and Excite don't even
      come close. This may change in the future, but
      remember, AOL subscribers and Yahoo users are just a click
      away from eBay (and vice versa).

      As far as
      insiders cashing out. If you received an obscene amount of
      shares in renumeration for your efforts to develop eBay
      and the stock had risen 10-fold, wouldn't you cash
      out if it represented well over 50 percent of your
      net worth. I would - in a heartbeat. On the other
      hand, as long as eBay can keep and attract more buyers
      and sellers (like me), they should be a good
      investment if they maintain focus.

    • First time I have taken a short position on this
      one, but couldn't resist after today's rise. There is
      very little that can propel Ebay higher, and plenty
      that can push it a lot lower from here. Competition
      from AOL, Yahoo, et al, disgruntled users, server
      crashes, etc., are going to hurt them. I see a lot of
      upside resistance at this level going forward. Will
      cover only if it breaks 150.

    • Ebay is not an auctionhouse rather an investment
      firm and seems like retail investors loves to buy
      insiders shares and put money into Ebay's hand for further
      invstment. No wonder GS, DLJ, MSDW love this baby. Last
      quarter Ebay has the only and the only earnings of $6m
      from interest income of investments. Insiders already
      pocketted more than a billion from SPO and unprecedented
      long list of 144 filings. They are already rich beyond
      any imagination and don't give a s* either about
      Ebyaers or investors.

      So keep on buying insiders'
      restricted shares as much as you can before they run
      out...well they won't as they just need a printing m/c to
      overcome the overwhelming demand. Folks this is the only
      way to feel and taste the insane Universe where
      fraud, rigging, and unethical practices are the norms.
      Lets pump it upto $500/sh tomorrow shall we...atleast
      we believe that Ebay's investment strategy is better
      than the investment bankers...remember insiders do not
      believe that and they are cashing out like a mad


    • Yahoo is already doing auctions and so is MSN, It is only a matter of a very short time before AOL gets into auctions. And I wouldn't be surprised if it's not already in the works.

    • EBAY, as well as the NASDAQ and DOW in general,
      are dangerously overbought! The chances of a market
      crash and major panic selling are likely to occur
      anytime now. See the following

      EBAY in particular will suffer a bigger drop than the
      others due to the heavy institutional selling that has
      occurred for the past several

      Do your D & D. EBAY is set to fall big!

    • internetjock,

      appreciate your postings in
      the past, but I doubt if ebay will make the mistake
      of getting into b2c (business-to-consumer, what
      amzn, onsale, valueamerica, cyberian,,, etc. and now aol do).

      if ebay
      does that the stock will crash!! i don't use hyperbole
      too often, but that would be the dumbest thing for
      ebay to try and do. they don't have the people, the
      warehouses, or the market remit to do that.

      thing i wonder is when aol gets into c2c auctions. They
      have 20 Million subscribers and that by itself might
      be enough of a critical mass to get going.

      should be interesting going forward.


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