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  • internetJock internetJock Aug 26, 1999 2:38 PM Flag

    Gee, some resistance. It is above 130

    You call that resistance??? It took all of 2 minutes to break.

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    • Yup, NTRO has strong growth potential in the same
      line of
      CSCO, LU, MOT and JNPR, definitely not for
      short-term play.
      Bought some and ready for it to hit 50s
      or more. I expect some
      news to come in the next
      few weeks, such as analysts' strong buy
      recommendations, and new contracts.


      >>>>Netro Corp (NTRO) is at the top of the pyramid when it
      comes to wireless service:
      Wireless ISPs come to
      THEM for equipment---"the Cisco of wireless".

      >Quiet period:

      News on Netro Corp
      (NTRO)has yet to come out. Coverage hasn't yet been
      Merrill Lynch, the underwriter should put out a
      recommendation SOON. This stock could
      potentially hit the
      $70s. The excitement about this stock is legit.

      Netro makes broadband wireless access equipment
      that enables communication services
      providers to
      deliver a variety of bandwidth-hungry data services at
      high speeds to small and
      midsized business
      customers. The company's AirStar product line employs
      transfer mode technology to efficiently transmit
      voice and packet data over cellular networks

      working with Netro's AirView remote network management
      software. Netro, which
      outsources most of its
      manufacturing, markets its products through a direct sales
      resellers, and systems integrators such as Lucent
      and Siemens (also a Netro investor), which
      AirStar under their own brands. Most of the company's
      customers are outside the US.

    • Stock is just a tool for making money,
      I am offering a way for everybody to make money.
      Everybody happy!

      Which part you don't like ?
      Let Ebay go down to 70 ?
      2. Or let it go down to
      50 ?
      3. Or what's your offer?
      4. Go down in 2
      weeks is too long, you want it go down to 70 (or 50) in
      one week so that the pain for Longs will be shorter ?
      Or 3 days, 2 days, 1 day ?
      5. Or you don't like
      230 ?
      6. Or you don't like 400 ? or you have a
      better offer?
      7. Or you don't like making money on
      this gambling stock ?

      Everybody make money on
      this gambling stock.
      No more fighting. Be happy.

    • in the heart of Longsville.

    • May I ask you where you live?

    • No can do.

    • What a battle today! It looked like EBAY was
      going to go for it, then towards the end of the day, it
      looked like it was over. Then we end up where we
      started. What does one make of a day like today?

      On one hand, the longs tried to push it, but the gas
      just wasn't there. On the other hand, not much of a
      hit on a profit taking day.

      One thing to
      remember with this stock is that time is the enemy for
      longs. As we get into September, October, it could get

    • HP: Are you ready to dive in again? Today was a
      close call, my guess is that EBAY just won't go down
      until you join the party. So, please, help us, buy 10
      more bags nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
      Don't wait until
      135, please?

    • 1000's of stocks have. Most IPO's have an infinite P/E due to lack of earnings. What's your point?

    • ... it appears "ugly" comes out about the time
      volume is high which oftehtimes translates to shorts
      being squeezed out. I agree we appear to be in
      "hallway" of trading and it may take several days to close
      above $135, thereby allowing you to join us longs.
      However, my 55 cents (giving you sir the upper hand!) is
      as follows: There is more than enough room for both
      the shorts and the longs, provided you play the game
      right and don't get greedy. People attempting to make
      an absolute killing are probably doomed, having
      violated their personal risk/reward tolerance; those
      chasing nickels & dimes are wasting their time. Use
      common sense, accept an occasional mistake, and move
      forward. My opinion only. Regards, The C.

    • Ouch, that hurts.

      But you state..."So your
      post was ridiculous from the beginning! "

      was ridiculous, IYHO? That the Equadorian economy has
      nothing to do with EBAY? That AOL could merge with EBAY?
      That EBAY is in an Uptrend and may run over 150
      without much resistance?

      One mans ridiculous is
      another mans gold.

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