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  • companyman21 companyman21 Aug 31, 1999 8:34 AM Flag


    High market prices will give the market a market
    cushion that it will need.
    High interest rates will
    give the fed the power to rejuvenate a correction.(y2k
    or other)
    Hence, I am currently mostly out of the
    market as is my membership club I recently joined -
    AAAStocks -
    and they are up to a 60% cash position!BE

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    • sorry but again you must not use site so you
      can't say much ebay does too charge for a relist last
      time I listed before the reserve policy, only if item
      does sell with relist do they not charge you if it
      does not sell they chrage you! also the 110,000
      numbers quite rightly must be taken in context but if you
      assume only one sale per user with average lsiting fee
      between .25 and $2.00 and assume a % of those sell that
      is a revenue loss to ebay of quite a bit and that
      should be multiplied by 10 days so far and many more
      items. most users list more than one item. Just facts
      for you to consider. i guarantee you that if boycott
      keeps up and neagtive articles keep appearing it will
      not be good for ebay. I don't care much one way or
      the other how this goes. I make money either way. I
      play the ups and downs and have made money on its
      dwonward spiral and on its upward as well. I just enjoy
      reading all the stuff and also enjoy selling items on
      yahoo, golds and amazon right now. I am not so stupid as
      to shoot myself in the pocketbook and I can say that
      I am having pretty good success on the other sites
      as well. so eBay has been good to me but I am liked
      a spurned lover there are more fish in the sea.

    • There is a lot less activity there and there is
      more at Yahoo.
      Ebay #'s
      Friday 2.69M
      Monday 2.57M
      Wed. ???

      And let
      me tell you, there are buyers on Yahoo!!!!

    • I cant get in. Can anyone else?

    • > by first sunday evening listings had dropped
      110,000 [SNIP]
      > Keep dismissing it if you want but
      ebay policy is not
      > going down well with the
      community that uses it most [SNIP]

      I think all the
      speculation about EBay's new policy is premature. I suspect
      most of the sellers affected by the new policy fall in
      to two categories:

      1) people who list items
      that don't sell, whether due to lack of demand or a
      too-high reserve price.

      2) people who can't afford
      to pay the extra reserve price fee because of low
      profit margins or low selling prices

      Raw totals
      of items listed is not a good indicator. The number
      of items and the dollars sold on EBay would be more
      valuable indicators.

      Items that don't sell on EBay
      don't generate commissions, and EBay is obligated to
      list them a second time for free. If the $ volume of
      auction sales stays the same, but litings volume dips,
      then EBay has just saved money on expenses and
      hardware upgrades.

      I wouldn't be surprised if the
      dip in EBay listings is a natural shaking out of
      speculative auctions that don't really belong there anyway.

      No. 14


      You may be right, but you'll lose your short position
      if your wrong. The big picture is down. Are we
      setting up for a big down day on friday after the report,
      breaking 10600???

    • this will be the last rate hike .... the one in October not the last one, yeh that'll be the last one...yeh that's the ticket.

    • NAMP data came out to market a day earlier.
      Market already reacted and factored into it. No surprise
      tomorrow and stock will bounce back until Thursday before
      the unemployment data on Friday. There should be a
      little bounce after declining almost 450 pts in 3
      Read the market, then you will beat most of the

    • GREAT SITE.....BUT

      1. No profits in
      2. Valuation of $14Billion
      3. Sequential revenue
      4. Sequential expenses increasing

      investment community is now ON to amzn's deflationary profits....ever.

      This will happen to ebay
      and all the hype in the world will not help.

    • The whole market is down(even euro&asian)now.
      US market the worst($ weaken again today).
      Internet is the worst stock of the worst market.

      Good luck to the internet buyers

    • It's amzn vs. ebay on the road race to 100. Who
      will get there first??? amzn is pulling ahead, down 6,
      but they got some bad press yesterday. Can Barron's
      reveal the truth about ebay's overvaluation and pull up
      even with amzn??? Will we actually get a that possible in this investment community of

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