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  • mikebert mikebert Sep 13, 1999 9:59 AM Flag

    Sell-off in premarket. It's just the

    Market crashes NEVER happen when people are
    bullish. How can they? If everybody thinks their stocks
    are going higher they are not going to sell en masse.
    Market crashes occur when everybody is bearish and fear
    stocks will go lower. So they sell their stocks and, lo,
    their fears are realized.

    Market tops are put in
    when folks are bullish. I think you were confusing
    putting in a top with a crash. People often talk a crash
    as falling from the previous peak. Like in 1987, the
    peak was on August 25 at a Dow of 2722. The Crash came
    on October 19 when the Dow hit 1730. So folks talk
    about the crash "starting" in late August when
    bullishness was at it maximum.

    This is simply not
    true. The market peaked in August 1987 in a wave of
    bullishness, just like it always does in the myriad of market
    peaks that do not preceed crashes. It then corrected in
    September and people got pessimistic just like they always
    do in a correction. Then the market rallied back to
    ~2640 on October 3. Obviously the correction "bottomed"
    in September, it was over.

    The "peak" on
    October 3 was 3% below the August peak and I'm sure
    people were less bullish then than they were in August.
    There was no reason to suspect that stocks wouldn't go
    higher though. Profits were expected to be good (and
    they were, profits on the S&P 500 were to grow by 30%
    over the next 12 months).

    Stocks didn't go
    higher after October 3. By Friday October 16, the Dow
    was down 15% from its October 3 level in another
    grinding correction, worse than the one in September. In
    the week that ended on October 16, the Dow had fallen
    225 points (this is like 1000 points down in one week
    today). Folks were, quite naturally, very bearish.

    So bearish that it looked like a bottom to some
    contrarian "bottom fishers". On Monday morning it was clear
    from the premarket futures that the market was going

    And it did, dropping 22%.

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    • My_Salty_Chocolate_Balls My_Salty_Chocolate_Balls Sep 13, 1999 10:01 AM Flag


    • and save yourselves. It's not too late to get out YET.

      • 1 Reply to bbt1001
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    • I expected it to go to >160 then I will short it today. But this fraud had already dropped too much.

    • I expect it to go to >160 then I will short it.

23.13-1.72(-6.92%)Jun 24 4:00 PMEDT