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  • euwolfie euwolfie Sep 17, 1999 1:30 PM Flag

    eBay is not broken

    br>EBAY is
    broken, the momentum that has driven this price is
    broken. Ever see Wiley Coyote, legs churning, powered by
    dreams, charge head long over a cliff. Right now he is
    looking at us with that dazed look in his eye ...

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    • The alliance that is!!! Sell your gold while it is high or hell buy a real company with real earnings ( MSFT ) before its too late!

    • don't give a s*** about it. The only thing I do
      worry about is that a lot of innocent kids probably
      will get hurt by your bs/TA. By reviewing some of the
      posts in this week, your bs probably have caused a lot
      of innocent people losing their money already. My
      guess is that you really don't give a dame, do you?
      That's the difference between you and me, HP! You are
      here to do the HYPES to get more innocent(you probably
      call it, greedy) people to buy this PE over 15,000
      exetremely high-risk stock in order for you to dump it. And
      I am here to stop you.

      Have a nice weekend,
      EBAY S&L!

    • We'll like to see your posting more often.

    • when I never thought that you had a plan in the
      first place and it turns out that you really don't? I'm
      having fun also but I am not affraid to tell you what I
      am doing and what my plan is. I'm not getting paid

    • Even I have "A" plan, why would I share my ......
      with you? I am not getting paid and please, don't
      forget, the only reason I am here is just trying to have
      some fun. Sorry to disappoint you, HP. Nice try

    • You don't have a plan.

    • this is a valid issue and could have been handled
      in a better way (to say the least). I would not use
      this incident in any way to base my buy, sell or hold
      on the stock, however. I just don't see this as that
      big of an issue.

      As I said, I don�t care if
      eBay has an attitude. I just want to buy and sell
      items. I know, sounds crazy but I just don�t deal with
      eBay on a one-to-one basis. I buy, I sell, I pay eBay
      my fees. Easy as that. I don�t ask for much, but
      that is just me.

      There are 3,000,000 auctions
      on eBay and they provide a very extensive search
      for finding what you are looking for. You can search
      titles and text of auction descriptions globally or
      drill down within categories. It may take some time
      getting comfortable with all the ways in which you can
      find an item, but believe me, people can be very
      resourceful here. I have listed many obscure items for sale
      and have been very surprised at how fast people can
      find them. I host my pictures under my own domain name
      and therefore have access to all Web stats. I see who
      is looking and when they looked. The system works
      amazingly well. I have also listed with Yahoo and Amazon. I
      see the stats for those sites as well. I don't think
      you need to know the details.

      I challenge you
      to find an auction site that provides a better
      facility for finding items (obscure or commom).

    • I was Stopped out of my long position at $140,
      from $85, for about a $55 increase.

      During the
      ride up from $85, about a third of profits were used
      to buy Sept, Oct and Nov Puts. All of the Sept Puts
      expired worthless. I Still have Oct and some Nov puts. I
      am just waiting now for an entry point to get back
      in using remaining puts as insurance.

    • since I am a nice guy, I really don't want to
      take your life savings. So,how about if I cover my
      position, let's say 139?
      Wait, why would I do that for?
      The show hasn't really started yet, today was only
      the pre-view......., well, just forget about it, you
      won't believe me anyway. BTW, did you remember that
      there was guy on this board who posted a prediction
      about MSFT a week ago, was that you? You must be a
      genius, HP!

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