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  • eonnets eonnets Sep 20, 1999 5:20 PM Flag

    825+ investors predict DJIA & EBAY $$$$

    Find out what more than 825 different investors
    predict where DJIA will be at the year end. Also more
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    • the truth is stranger than fiction award for the year. ;-)

    • The eBay Shorting Consortium announced today that
      it was abandoning its plan to declare this day --
      September 20 -- as �National Bash eBay Day.� The intent was
      to commemorate the founding of the eBay Shorting
      Consortium on September 20, 1999. However, the plan
      backfired when today � September 20, 2000 � eBay�s stock
      advanced 17%.

    • September 20, 2000 marks the one year anniversary
      of an historic event � the founding of the eBay
      Shorting Consortium on September 20, 1999 (see message #
      73487). It was on that day that several of eBay�s most
      persistent bashers pooled their resources to short ONE share
      of eBay at 69-1/16 (pre-split @138-1/8). On that
      day, the Consortium founders announced that, after
      months of relentlessly criticizing eBay, it was time to
      act. Since then, the Consortium has waged an on-again
      off-again bashing campaign in an attempt to bring respect
      to the eBay shorting posting community and increase
      the value of its ONE share short position.

      Stock scientists have noted recently that in the one
      year since its founding, eBay�s stock has had an
      uncanny tendency to gravitate towards the very price at
      which the Consortium established its ONE share short
      position (69-1/16). It has been hypothesized that somehow
      the Consortium has, unwittingly, cast a spell over
      the stock. Whether the stock rises to 120 or falls to
      40, it always seems to return to the Consortium�s
      shorting price.

      The Consortium�s leader,
      Backwards_Thinker, declined to comment. Meanwhile, the eBay
      investment community anxiously awaits eBay�s stock price on
      Wednesday, September 20, 2000.

    • I have enough puts on EBAY...
      NITE kicked ass today. Wonder how long that will last :)

    • Good luck on the morrow.

    • but I have been trying to get off of this board for an hour now. Let's pick it up again sometime in the future.

    • Do you still have or added to your EBAY Oct 95

      OT: Your NITE ran up pretty good today
      and tomorrow is a critical day to hold its gains and
      support. My guess is, 30 will be tested along with 29
      tomorrow again.

      Good luck

    • You seem a smart guy. Obviously you think time is
      on the long side. Why? What makes EBAY worth

      Just some perspective. In 1992, Microsoft had earnings
      of 15 cents. EBAY this year has maybe 12 cents.
      Microsoft sold for a high of $6, a high PE of 39. If
      Microsoft in 1992 sold at the same PE that EBAY sells for
      today, it would have cost $187. What did MSFT close at
      today, about $97?

      So, apply EBAY's PE to MSFT in
      1992 and you would have had to pay $187 for a share of
      MSFT in 1992. Today, the greatest growth stock in
      history closed at $97 and you would have lost almost half
      your money. Do you understand?

      So, what makes
      EBAY worth $150?

    • Let's re-vist the issue of Amazon counts. I am running out of time tonight. Gotta go. Have a good one.

    • Ebay will be overtaken by Yahoo is less than six months, certainly not taken over. Noone would but Ebay out at these prices. Maybe around $5 per share.

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