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  • hipcheck_now hipcheck_now Oct 30, 1999 12:32 PM Flag

    Announcement Just Posted

    Ebay just acknowledged the problem. So much for my auction...

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      We have been
      experiencing intermittent performance issues since
      approximately 13:10 PST. The cause is NOT application related.
      We are planning to make the system unavailable to
      take corrective action.

      Thank you for your
      understanding. We will continue to update you on system status
      as more information becomes


    • I think you nailed it -- no one can rationally
      explain why this stock is valued as it is -- to make its
      valuation somewhat reasonable, ebay needs to grow like few
      companies in history have -- and the facts are:

      to date, it ain't doing it

      2) it's current
      systems can't handle the existing traffic -- so even if
      it was able to drive the amazing growth & hold off
      all competition, it can't handle the growth

      management has done very little to show how it will grow and
      if it does grow how it will handle the

      4) the darn site still isn't working properly
      tonight -- if someone wants to bid on my junk, they can't
      do it!

    • add that I have been most amazed at the valuation
      of this company for close to a year now. All I can
      say is that for now, I have lost all faith in the
      notion of the "rational investor".

      I do not, can
      not, and won't get it. I guess I am a luddidite!
      eBay's earnings per share have DECLINED! And the stock
      is valued on exponential, uninterrupted GROWTH of


      Duh! Duh! Duh!

    • I can't figure out why ebay is so highly valued
      -- I agree there is great potential, but the risk
      reward for this stock is questionable -- especially
      given ebay's total lack of reliability as a website --
      I use ebay a moderate amount -- placing about 20-50
      auctions weekly and bidding on a similiar amount -- the
      concept is great & except for the reliability issue, I am
      a huge ebay fan -- ebay is awesome as it provides a
      viable outlet for many part time & small businesses --
      but these same small businesses are hurt by ebay's
      lack of reliability -- every time the site goes down,
      it costs us money & I know several people who have
      left ebay because of it -- for me, ebay clearly is the
      best (and really only option) for on-line auctions --
      but I predict that will change if ebay does not get
      its act together... if Amazon or Yahoo or whoever had
      their act together, they could take a big chunk of the
      market -- but as weak as ebay's efforts are, their
      competition is even more clueless... I welcome any & all
      comments to this topic

    • First off I don't own stock in ebay and I'm glad
      I don't.This company can be easily checked out by
      going to the site.
      It does not take but 25 seconds
      to figure out what is wrong try clicking to go
      somewhere anywhere I gaurantee you will wait and wait and
      wait and you will not go anywhere.
      I have emailed
      the company with no response you cannot advertise
      like crazy and not be prepared for the extra business
      you will receive by advertising.
      You first upgrade
      the site so it will be able to handle the increased
      load which they evidently did not do and they are
      losing business because bidders are not able to access
      the sites to bid.
      It does'nt take a rocket
      scientist to figure this one out.Check out the site see if
      you can move arround in it.

    • er. Up <$2 on half the average volume.

      All it will take is one economic shock, and EBAY
      holders will dump it and move to safer havens. Then we
      clean up.

      Other stocks and BBs are more
      interesting now.

    • voodoo said<<Aren't we supposed to have a major selloff or major rally today?>> yes,i am yawning,getting sleepy zzzzzzz

    • oh yeah... ebay rocks too

    • Hope you're hapy now, Wolfass

    • so dead? Why is the volume so

      Hangover from Halloween?

      Aren't we supposed to have
      a major selloff or major rally


      (Ebay, by the way, is not worth $17 BILLION!)

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